How to buy a shipping container online?

This is how easy it is to order your containers online! Imagine you are working for a company that needs two used 20 foot containers. You are busy but need to make sure the containers will be available at the right address next week.

To start

Just fill in the search bar
  • Enter your zipcode (20095)
  • Choose the right container size and condition (we sell new and used containers)

You are directly on the right page, the productpage

  • Now choose the amount and notice how the volume discount is immediately visible
  • Based on the zipcode you entered, you can directly see the transportation costs
  • As container prices vary per location, we automatically take offer the best offer. Based on the container price and the costs of transportation!
  • You can also choose to pick up the containers yourself. Or have them picked up by the transportation company of your choice. And choose the location where you want to pick them up. Default will be the location with the best price, but you can choose what you prefer.


Proceed to the detailpage

We need to know in order to process the order
  • When do you want the container delivered? Just choose the date you prefer
  • Then fill in the address details for the delivery address. Please note that we have already filled in the zipcode
  • Feel free to include a note for the transportation company. Let’s say you want them to give you a call 15 minutes before they arrive.
  • Now fill in your contact- and invoice details. Filling in the information of your company is super easy: just fill in the company name and choose the right entity and all information is filled in automatically!
  • If you like you can also enter a PO number or refence number
  • Please accept our terms & conditions


That is how easy it is!

Aad Storm


Now, what happens after you order is placed?

Within several minutes, you will receive an invoice by email Eveon will send a transport order to the transportation company  Eveon will instruct the depot to make the right container available  The truck driver will call you as requested, 15 minutes before  And your container will be delivered by a truck with a crane The day after delivery or pickup you will receive your CSC certificates by email

  • And as a bonus, Eveon will compensate the CO2 emissions for the transport of your containers
  • This is how we make buying your containers as easy and transparent as possible.

Do you have any ideas how we can make it even more easy?

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Now place a order by yourself

Read the description above to order a container