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The cost of a used shipping container

Are you looking for a used shipping container? Eveon offers you a best price guarantee. This is possible thanks to our close cooperation with well-known shipping companies. As soon as these companies sell containers, Eveon comes first to take over these containers. We deliver directly to our customers. This is done in an efficient and transparent way.

Buying used shipping containers

Before you buy a used shipping container, we would like to inform you about the condition of a used container. Such a container has meanwhile been on many shipping voyages. Since used containers move in rough seas and are loaded and unloaded many times, these containers usually also have rust spots and dents. Our repair team reworks some rust stains with paint and ensures when necessary that deep dents are mended.

After the repair, the used containers are again “cargoworthy”. This means that our used shipping containers also have CSC certification and fully comply with ISO standards. You can decide for yourself whether you want to use your container for transport, storage or, for example, to build a container house. The choice is yours.

Eveon offers three types of used containers, namely:

Standard 20ft

Standard 40ft

40ft High Cube

Used shipping containers

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