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From Digging Holes to YouTube Stardom: The Bobcat Guy's Journey with Eveon Containers

‘Inside The Box’ with Keith Christensen

    The Bobcat Guy
    The Bobcat Guy

    As children, we often find simple pleasure and immediate gratification in digging holes. As any parent knows with their arsenal of plastic buckets and shovels, moving dirt and sand around is a favorite past time for kids. I am not sure if that love of digging holes every leaves the child within us all. Perhaps this explains why more than half a million people have tuned into our next customer’s YouTube channel.

    In 2006, Keith Christensen, a professional excavator, and native of Brooks, Alberta decided it was time to get his own bobcat and follow his gut to start his own company. Nearly twenty years later he has a successful YouTube Channel, thousands of followers, staff, multiple bobcats, a mini excavator, dump truck and trailer and snow blades. His services have evolved of the years, but not his enthusiasm for digging. Christensen not only moves land, but protects those who shouldn’t! Digging in the ground while a childhood playtime... is serious business.

    Christensen launched 'The Bobcat Guy' after a friend made a joke that it’s the only way people remember him. “You know that guy with the excavator...the bobcat guy...”. Well, the name stuck and now his services include professional excavating, trenching for utility services, reliable snow removal, landscaping and sprinkler system install and repairs, serving Brooks Alberta and surrounding areas. His videos cover a diverse range of content, from tire reviews to expert land excavation tips and techniques. He delves into subjects like "How to Depressurize Your Excavator" and "Mastering Bobcat Steer Greasing."

    “I filmed myself removing snow and well the rest is history. I didn’t know people would watch it, posted it to YouTube and came back a few days later and it had gone viral. I have had fun capturing my projects, but still surprised that my videos have been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people. I love what I do, and tickled people find it interesting, but on a serious note, leave the digging to the experts. Always consult an expert before you poke around in the ground. “ Christensen adds.

    The Bobcat Guy works with qualified equipment operators who are certified and fully insured. His clients and the safety of his staff and customers are his first priority. As his business and equipment needs grew, so did his demands for storage and protection for his tools. After extensive research, Keith decided to go with Eveon Containers.

    “I was shocked at how many internet scams there were in Canada for used containers. I had heard of the “Sea Can Scam", but when I started calling companies, I soon realized that finding a reliable, legitimate company was going to be a challenge. Eveon had 600 reviews on Trustpilot and was a member of the NPSA, so I called the agent to learn more. I am happy to report I purchased one and am waiting to purchase another. “

    For dirt, land or snow removal around Brooks, Alberta, call Keith Christensen, "The Bobcat Guy". When you require a 20ft, 40ft or 40ft HC shipping container, don’t hesitate to visit Eveon!