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For one city planner & Conex box 'retirement' is just the beginning...

‘Inside The Box’ with Dutch Creek Winery

    Retirement....a bittersweet concept. Some people work their whole life to reach it, some must be pushed out of corporate jobs to enjoy it, and sometimes people dread it altogether. The definition “to cease work” insinuates that there is an end...

    Well in the case of our next Eveon customer and his 40ft decommissioned high-cube shipping container, ‘retirement’ is just the beginning...

    Ironically, Paul Freedman, a city planner with nearly 32 years of experience, has always fancied the freedom of living in the countryside. When he retires next year, he and his wife will permanently relocate to their farm in Athens, Ohio, far away from the hustle and bustle of city living. They will dedicate all their time to managing their side business Dutch Creek Winery. Until then, the weekend warriors are busy as bees producing wines, ciders, and hosting events Friday through Sunday.

    “My wife and I are ready for a change. My days, currently filled with meetings, negotiations, mediations...will soon be occupied with tastings, conversations and quirky personalities. We always wanted a farm surrounded by rolling green hills. Owning and managing a winery with my wife is something, well we never even imagined.” Paul Freedman reports.

    In 2024 the couple will start a new chapter, directing all their time and full attention into managing the farm’s operations, five beehives, and growing apple, peach and pear orchards, as well as the production side of the winery.

    “At Dutch Creek Winery we specialize in honey wines (also known as meads). Additionally, all our wines, honey sodas, and hard ciders are also made on premise from our own bees. We are busy and eager to expand the farm’s production this year. To do so, we needed more storage onsite. We came across Eveon online and now have one shipping container and thinking about another. Our equipment is now safe and secure and protected from the elements.”

    At Eveon we are passionate about containers. We believe that once decommissioned from a life at sea, shipping containers can serve as land-based sustainable solutions for businesses and individuals. Retirement from the sea doesn’t always mean the end, in fact, in the case of Paul and Cindy and their first shipping container, it’s just the beginning of the next chapter.

    So whether you’re a hard cider, honey soda, or wine drinker, make sure to stop by Dutch Creek Winery in Athens, Ohio for a tasting and a warm greeting.