40ft Container New

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About this container

Our new containers are also known as one-way or one-trip containers. After this first trip, small signs of wear and tear cannot be avoided. Used containers have been used to transport goods for several years (13-17 years) and can show paint damage, rust, dents and/or repairs.
External Internal
Length 40' 39' 5''
Width 8' 7' 8''
Height 8' 6'' 7' 10''
Length 12,2 12,03
Width 2,44 2,36
Height 2,6 2,39
Length 1220 1203
Width 244 236
Height 260 239

Lock box

All our new containers have lockboxes for added security.

Wooden floor

All our containers have wooden floors.

Cargo worthy

All our containers are cargoworthy.

Wind & watertight

We repair our containers so that they are windproof and waterproof.

ISO certified

All our containers are tested and repaired in accordance with international regulations.

CSC certified

All our containers are delivered with a CSC certificate. The certificate for used containers is valid for one year.

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Buying a 40ft Container New

40ft Container New

The new 40ft shipping container is one of the best-selling container types at Eveon. And there are reasons for that. Our 40ft container is particularly well suited for long journeys, has roughly twice as much space as the 20ft container and also offers more than enough space to be used as a storage container.

The 40ft shipping container is approximately 12.1 meters long. In addition, it is around 2.4 meters wide and in our standard version is 2.6 meters high. Our containers are produced in different factories. It is therefore possible that the individual containers deviate a few centimetres from each other.

A new 40ft shipping container weighs about 3,320 kg excluding freight. The maximum loading capacity is set at 27,160 kg.

The new 40ft containers from Eveon are of course CSC certified. With this certification, the container meets various strict requirements and is accepted by shipping companies. This means that the used 40ft container is suitable for intermodal transport or transport by land and sea.

Briefly: a new 40ft shipping container is ideal for storage or transport. If you buy multiple 40ft containers, you will receive a volume discount. The more containers you order, the higher the discount.