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CSC certificate on every container

A CSC plate is attached to every container. CSC stands for the International Convention for Safe Containers, a regulation intended to ensure that accidents are prevented during the loading, unloading and transport of the container and that the container transport takes place safely.CSC certification is required for containers that cross borders by boat, truck or train. In other words, it is required for international transport.


    CSC certification is the container’s passport

    The certificate, clearly visible on the container on a plate measuring no less than 200 mm x 100 mm, is a sort of passport for a safe container. The plate, mounted on the outside of the container, shows the most important information concerning that container: model, manufacturer, year of manufacture, weight, validity date, approval number (important for customs), and serial number.

    A container must be certified every five years

    CSC certification is valid for five years from the first inspection. Following any repairs and inspections – per the Periodic Examination Scheme (PES) – the owner indicates enrollment in the Approved Continuous Examination Program (ACEP). This information is found on the bottom right of the CSC plate. All repairs, etc. are registered in a special database. The advantage of this is that any user, anywhere in the world, can check the quality of the container.