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In this section you will find all the updates and latest news regarding the Eveon world
  • Eveon Containers Inc. Proudly Selects Charleston, SC For Their North American Headquarters!

    Global startup shaking up the way containers are purchased sets North American headquarters
  • Reuse & Reduce

    Eveon changes business model to improve sustainability in the container business
  • Advance payment

    At Eveon, it is now also possible to select advance payment when you order. We would be happy to explain the difference with direct payment and explain how advance payments are carried out.
  • Sunlight for the children of the sun!

    Eveon Containers supports the delivery of 869 photovoltaic modules to Bolivia in form of a free shipping container!
  • Number of pallets in a container

    Many goods that are transported by ocean container are placed vertically or horizontally on pallets, most of which are made of wood. Pallets are probably the most frequently used method of packing ...
  • CSC certificate on every container

    A CSC plate is attached to every container. CSC stands for the International Convention for Safe Containers, a regulation intended to ensure that accidents are prevented during the loading, unloadi...
  • Earth Overshoot Day - Sustainability also concerns logistics

    International logistics is a concern when it comes to sustainability. On today's Earth Overshoot Day, we want to put a spotlight on empty containers - and how international supply chains can become...
  • Eveon brings digital container trading to the USA

    Rotterdam/Newark, 20 July 2021 – The first transparent online shop for shipping and storage containers Eveon Containers is now also available in the US. After a successful launch in Germany and Aus...
  • Interview on one year of Eveon: "It hurt my heart that I couldn't thank our first customer in person"

    Eveon Containers is celebrating its birthday! To mark this beautiful occasion, CEO and founder Aad Storm talks about the first year in container trading, starting out in the pandemic and why German...
  • Attention: a scammer is posing as Eveon Containers!

    Today we received a message from one of our Austrian customers that someone is posing as Eveon Containers via the website
  • Taking a more sustainable approach – Our new Sustainable Development Manager Tim

    We are happy and proud to announce a new team member! Tim Simons will be supporting Eveon as Sustainable Development Manager from today. Welcome to the team, Tim! We are very much looking forward t...
  • Due to its robustness, a used container is very strong

    A container is a very robust piece of manual construction work. The design looks simple, but due to the smart construction of the steel frame, made up of square tubing and corrugated iron, a contai...
  • Things you can do with containers: How "World of Paintball" uses containers to create a playing field.

    There are many applications for our containers - some obvious, some not so much. Our customer "World of Paintball" only needed a plasma cutter to create a new playing field for future paintball ath...
  • The people behind Eveon Containers - Paul Rombouts: The online entrepreneur in the company

    A purely digital online store for containers needs people who think purely digitally. People who have grown up in the digital world and see fun in the possibilities of the digital world. Eveon foun...
  • The birth of the sea container

    Some 65 years ago, seaports were often a jumble of ships that were left docked for too long. It sometimes took a week to unload and load a cargo ship and the swarm of ships at the quayside was inef...
  • And then there were 6!

    At Eveon Containers, we are celebrating the opening of our sixth location in Germany with a special discount on used 20ft containers!
  • Hello Bremen!

    And our next stop is: Bremen! It is wonderful to be in this great city with such a marvellous history in trade and commerce.
  • The people at Eveon Containers - Aliaksandra Bakhoryna: A global citizen with green intentions

    Someone who needs nothing but a laptop and stable internet to work can work when and where he or she wants. Perfect for someone like Aliaksandra Bakhoryna, Product Owner at Eveon. We show how she w...
  • The people at Eveon Containers - Sven Vlasblom: The man with containers in his blood

    Our team is as diverse as our container customers. That's why we're introducing them here. Our Supply Chain Manager is an example of how you can be in a business for 30 years and still retain later...
  • eveon market update November 2020

    Eveon market update: why are container prices rising?

    Eveon explains the impact of the coronavirus on the container market and why there has been a shortage of containers leading to higher prices.
  • Hello Stuttgart!

    We look forward to being in your area from today. We are just around the corner for everyone who needs a container. Regardless of whether you deliver materials to Mercedes-Benz or store building ma...
  • Land Life Company & Eveon: noticeable change

    Eveon containers are delivered in a completely climate-neutral way, as we compensate the CO2 emissions with the trees planted by Land Life.
  • Hello Munich!

    At the beginning of October, we started selling containers from Hamburg. A few weeks later, we also started sales activities from Stuttgart and we can inform you that we have already delivered many...
  • Eveon offsets the CO2 emissions from transporting the containers you have bought.

    Eveon offsets the CO2 emissions from transporting the containers you have bought.
  • Aad Storm about the start of Eveon!

    Aad Storm explains the history behind the start of Eveon. Check out the vlog from the Eveon Containers headquarters.