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Here you will see a collection of our news articles.
  • Hello Bremen!

    And our next stop is: Bremen! It is wonderful to be in this great city with such a marvellous history in trade and commerce.
  • Pay in advance (prepayment)

    At Eveon, it is now also possible to order by prepayment. We would be happy to explain the difference with direct payment and explain how prepayment is carried out.
  • The people at Eveon Containers - Sven Vlasblom: The man with containers in his blood

    Our team is as diverse as our container customers. That's why we're introducing them here. Our Supply Chain Manager is an example of how you can be in a business for 30 years and still retain later...
  • eveon market update November 2020

    Eveon market update: why are container prices rising?

    Eveon explains the impact of the coronavirus on the container market and why there has been a shortage of containers leading to higher prices.
  • Hello Stuttgart!

    We look forward to being in your area from today. We are just around the corner for everyone who needs a new container. Regardless of whether you deliver materials to Mercedes-Benz or store buildin...
  • Land Life Company & Eveon: noticeable change

    Eveon containers are delivered in a completely climate-neutral way, as we compensate the CO2 emissions with the trees planted by Land Life.
  • Hello Munich!

    At the beginning of October, we started selling containers from Hamburg. A few weeks later, we also started sales activities from Stuttgart and we can inform you that we have already delivered many...
  • Eveon offsets the CO2 emissions from transporting the containers you have bought.

    Eveon offsets the CO2 emissions from transporting the containers you have bought.
  • Seven clear and simple sustainability principles from Eveon

    Sustainability is just as normal and logical for Eveon as striving to enable our customers to order a container at the best price around the clock in the simplest possible way.
  • Aad Storm about the start of Eveon!

    Aad Storm explains the history behind the start of Eveon. Check out the vlog from the Eveon Containers headquarters.