Hello Stuttgart!

We look forward to being in your area from today. We are just around the corner for everyone who needs a container. Regardless of whether you deliver materials to Mercedes-Benz or store building materials for a new railway station. It is now even more convenient for you to buy a container at a fair price. Would you like to know more? Read the press release below.

Press release

Container trade 4.0 gets rolled out: Eveon starts in Stuttgart

  • Eveon is the first provider in the industry to deliver a fully automated, transparent and digitalized shopping experience in the non-transparent market for shipping and storage containers.
  • After the launch in Hamburg, the start-up is opening at another location in Stuttgart.
  • Eveon plans to open at other locations in Germany in the next two months
  • A roll-out in other countries is currently being prepared

Rotterdam/Stuttgart, 29 October 2020 – At the beginning of October, Eveon celebrated the successful start of its online shop for ISO-standardized shipping and storage containers in Hamburg. Now, after a few weeks, the Dutch start-up is opening another location in Stuttgart. Eveon is the first provider to offer a 100 per cent digital and fully transparent shopping experience in the container market. The company offers three different used container variants, 20ft, 40ft and the 40ft high cube. Eveon was founded by the former Vice President and CCO of CARU Containers, Aad Storm. In addition to Hamburg and Stuttgart, further locations will be opened in Germany in the next two months. A roll-out in other countries is also planned.

Containers are a fundamental part of the global economy and are used by companies to store or transport equipment and goods. The container market is largely opaque for business customers. Either product prices for shipping containers are not published on the market or where prices can be viewed, written or telephone inquiries must first be made to the dealer. This leads to two problems: On the one hand, it is more difficult for companies to compare different providers and prices – it is not uncommon for them to pay excessive prices as a result. On the other hand, the purchasing process takes longer, which means that companies lose valuable time.

This is now changing after the start of the new e-commerce provider. The experienced team operates the first container online shop that makes the shopping experience as simple, fast and customer-friendly as possible. Eveon’s top priority is transparency: While on the previous container market, the products were only sold through one or more middlemen and the price structures were no longer comprehensible for companies, Eveon sells the containers directly to business customers via the online shop, thereby eliminating inefficiencies in the value chain. All prices are clearly displayed on the website and the products can be purchased there directly. Volume discounts and transport costs are displayed directly when ordering.

Containers can be delivered within a few working days within an area of ​​250 km around Stuttgart and future locations where Eveon will be present. In the case of time-critical orders, customers can accelerate the container purchase – Eveon enables customers to collect the containers they have ordered themselves within one working day of ordering. A customer service is also available and can be reached by chat, e-mail and telephone.

“After the successful start of our container online shop in Hamburg, we are very happy about the new location in Stuttgart! The cradle of mechanical engineering is in Baden-Württemberg, which is why Stuttgart is an important location for us after Hamburg. As the first purely digital provider for container purchases, we offer customers the fairest price and the best service. We do away with the lack of price transparency in the market and the customer can immediately see the price and delivery time for his container in the online shop. I’m very proud of our team who has worked hard over the past few months to build a fully digitalized business model,” said Aad Storm, CEO and founder of Eveon.

The entire range can be viewed at www.eveoncontainers.com.