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Eveon Containers sells new and used shipping containers. Take a look at our current offer below and simply order online.

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Dry Van Containers

One trip
20ft Container
CSC certified, Cargo worthy, Wind & watertight, Wooden floor, Lock box
20ft Container
Cargo worthy, CSC certified, ISO certified, Wind & watertight, Wooden floor
One trip
40ft Container
Lock box, Wooden floor, Cargo worthy, Wind & watertight, ISO certified, CSC certified
40ft Container
CSC certified, ISO certified, Cargo worthy, Wind & watertight, Wooden floor
One trip
40ft High Cube
CSC certified, ISO certified, Cargo worthy, Wind & watertight, Wooden floor, Lock box
40ft High Cube
Wooden floor, Cargo worthy, Wind & watertight, CSC certified, ISO certified

Shipping Containers online

Order a shipping container with a few clicks at the best price. This is possible at Eveon Containers. The containers are delivered from the depot directly to the customer.

You will receive our used or new shipping containers in the following sizes:

  • 20ft
  • 40ft
  • 40ft High Cube  

Buying Shipping Containers

Buying a shipping container from Eveon is transparent, quick and easy. We offer you a fair price guarantee on our shipping container prices. Negotiations are not necessary. You get an additional discount if you order multiple containers.

This volume discount is automatically applied at checkout. All of our containers are ready for collection within an hour from your chosen depot. If you don’t have your own means of transport, that’s not a problem. Our forwarding agent will drop off the container at the desired location within three * working days.

If you would like to set up your shipping container at a very special location, you can let us know when you check out. Our forwarding agent will then contact you by phone on the day of delivery so that you know that the shipping container is on its way to you.

* Depending on the region for which you order the container

Buying Used Shipping Containers

Would you prefer to buy a used shipping container? This is not a problem. All shipping containers in our online shop are available in both a new and a used version.

The shipping containers are repaired before they leave the depot and are painted in some places. Large dents are also fixed. Our repair standard ensures that the containers are then accepted for transport again. We aim to offer used containers of the best quality. You will understand that a used shipping container has gotten some rust spots and dents after years of use.

Would you prefer an aesthetically more appealing container? Then take a look at the new containers in our range. These containers have had a one-off journey to avoid the cost of transportation from the Far East and offer you the best price.

Shipping Container sizes

The article on shipping container sizes provides extensive information on dimensions.

Briefly, the containers are the following sizes in millimetres:

●       20ft standard – 6,036 x 2,438 x 2,591

●       40ft standard – 12,192 x 2,438 x 2,591

●       40ft High Cube – 12,192 x 2,438 x 2,896

The dimensions are based on the following formula: length x width x height. As you can see, a standard 20ft container is ca. 6.1 metres long, 2.4 metres wide and 2.6 metres high. A 40ft shipping container is about twice as long as a standard 20ft container. 

The above sizes refer to the containers’ outer dimensions.

If you need a higher shipping container, we recommend a 40ft high cube. This container is, as you can see, a good deal higher than a standard shipping container.