The Eveon fair price guarantee

Eveon works using a 100% digital order process. And since we don’t buy from middlemen, we know for sure that we can offer the best price. We would be happy to explain to you which requirements must be met for this guarantee and how you can help us to continue to offer the best price on the market.

How does the Eveon fair price guarantee work?

1.     We would ask you to submit any better offer you may receive via our price monitoring page. Eveon will check the price and if this is indeed an identical offer, we will consider offering this price to all our customers.

2.     We interpret an identical offer as follows:

a.     Same container type

b.     At the same location (indicate via place name)

c.     Of the same quality (state as is/windproof and waterproof/cargoworthy)

d.     Available to the end user and in stock (verified by Eveon staff)

e.     We compare the prices of the containers excluding VAT and transport costs.

3.     Have you already ordered and paid for your container? If you send in the form below within a week and attach a PDF file with the other offer that you have seen/received, we will refund you the difference.


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