Things you can do with containers: How "World of Paintball" uses containers to create a playing field.

There are many applications for our containers - some obvious, some not so much. Our customer "World of Paintball" only needed a plasma cutter to create a new playing field for future paintball athletes with used containers.

Henner Wichern is responsible for purchasing at World of Paintball, a paintball and laser tag provider. Henner's brother Kai Gerdes founded the facility 17 years ago, and it now enjoys an excellent reputation in the scene. Recently, the playing fields have been reopened after the pandemic-related restrictions and the paintballs are allowed to fly again. Like good entrepreneurs, the brothers have used the short forced break to redesign the playing fields. And they need containers to do it.

The new "Desert Storm" playing field consists of two zones: On one side is a "military base," on the other are apocalyptic-looking ruins. At the edge, containers are piled high: large, yellow and walkable - a real eye-catcher among the game field elements. 

Through a Google search, Henner Wichern comes across Eveon Containers and compares the prices. After comparing prices, he buys six used containers. Five become obstacles, one becomes a storage container for the facility's online store: Weekend Warrior Shop, where you can find everything the paintball enthusiast desires. 

"Although we had a delay in delivery, Eveon was very accommodating and the supplier was also very friendly and courteous and helped us unload. We would order from Eveon again," is how Henner Wichern rates his experience with Eveon. After delivery, doors were milled into the container and the new playground element was ready.

We at Eveon are pleased that our containers have found a creative use and recommend that you take them out for a visit. The protective equipment is gladly provided by World of Paintball.