20ft Container New

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About this container

Our new containers are also known as one-way or one-trip containers. After this first trip, small signs of wear and tear cannot be avoided. Used containers have been used to transport goods for several years (13-17 years) and can show paint damage, rust, dents and/or repairs.
External Internal
Length 20' 19' 4''
Width 8' 7' 9''
Height 8' 6'' 7' 10''
Length 6.1 5.9
Width 2.44 2.36
Height 2.59 2.39
Length 610 590
Width 244 236
Height 259 239

CSC certified

Our new containers are delivered with a CSC certificate.

Cargo worthy

All our containers are cargoworthy.

Wind & watertight

We repair our containers so that they are windproof and waterproof. In addition, all our containers are painted before they leave the depot.

Wooden floor

All our containers have wooden floors.

Lock box

All our new containers have lockboxes for added security.

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Buying a 20ft Container New

You can buy our New 20ft Shipping Containers quickly and easily in our online shop. All our our containers are windproof and waterproof, we call that “cargoworthy”. Also the containers have a wooden floor. Upon request, the container can be delivered with a lockbox.

Sizes and specifications

A 20ft container is about 20ft long and 8ft wide. The container is 8ft and 6 inch high. The container has a maximum loading capacity of ca. 67,169 lbs.

Buying a New 20ft Container

At Eveon, you can buy new containers at a very good price. Since we buy directly from the source and have a completely digitized ordering process, we can offer our customers the best price in combination with the simplest ordering process. Take a look at other providers and ask yourself why they don’t give their prices.

Your New 20ft Container will be ready for collection the next working day from your chosen depot and will be delivered to your location within 5 working days.