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    Most men can relate to a shared love of cars and memories of working alongside their fathers in the garage. Only a few can claim to have served their country for twenty-eight years and own three 1909 Ford Model T Touring cars.

    We recently had the honor of catching up with Montana local, Doug Braun to learn all about his impressive collection, his tenure as a Navy “Seabee” and why he bought a decommissioned container.

    We were introduced to Mr. Braun after a unique five-star review posted on Trustpilot by the private collector, “A new arrival at Archie’s Antique Auto Museum…”. We were intrigued.

    Upon meeting the father of one, it is evident that Mr. Braun has led an adventurous life, loves his country and has the uncanny ability to tell a story. A retired U.S. Navy veteran, Braun proudly served from 1965-1993 where he worked as a journeyman electrician as part of the construction battalion famously known as the “Seabees”.

    The Seabee nickname is a stereograph of the initial letters "CB" from the words "Construction Battalion". Throughout Braun’s service (seven hash marks) his focus was underground electrical installations and construction.

    “I am very proud of my Military ID, my country and to wear my uniform. My father and I both retired from the Navy. So when I went to go purchase from Eveon and saw they offered a military discount, I was happy to award them my business.” Braun added.

    Over the years, the diversified veteran acquired a portfolio of real estate projects around Montana that would eventually allow him the opportunity to carry out and expand upon his father’s passion for cars. Once fully retired from the Navy, Braun’s collection grew and now includes 150 antique and classic vehicles. In 2016, the private collection would be named in honor of Doug’s father and would formerly become “Archie’s Antique Auto Museum”.

    “Last year I purchased a rare 1916 Roadster in Wisconsin for the collection. I was looking for some way to get the rare antique car back to Columbus, Montana and my girlfriend recommended I purchase a container instead of hiring a trucking company. I am not a very tech savvy man, but found the online process was intuitive and customer service was extremely helpful, especially Claudia. I have a 50ft flatbed trailer, so I appreciated the option to pick it up and drive it myself.”

    We are happy to report that with Mr. Braun at the wheel, the used Eveon container and rare 1916 Model T arrived to the auto museum some 1800 miles later, without even a scratch.

    “I grew up with a lot of time, no money and lots of cars. My fondest memories are with my father, tinkering around in the garage. He always said he would someday have an old car museum…. that never happened. So around twenty years ago, I purchased an old warehouse, started visiting car auctions, and named the museum after him."

    Doug Braun now offers free private tours of the museum to those who love antique cars as much as his father did, “I do it now for the pleasure. I built this museum to honor my dad, the collection and tours bring me closer to him. This was his dream”.

    Make sure to check out Archie’s Antique Auto Museum next time you’re near Columbus, Montana. To purchase a sustainable shipping option for your auto or collectible visit

    Are you also a veteran? As part of Eveon’s further commitment to men and women like Mr. Braun and to those who have served our country, Eveon Containers will match all military discount codes used throughout 2023 with a donation to U.S.VETS. To learn more click here!