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Sales tax exemption request

We offer a sales tax exemption form for eligible individuals and organizations to make tax-exempt purchases on our webshop. Simply fill in your details via the form and submit it for review. Our team will carefully assess your application and notify you promptly if you're approved for sales tax exemption.

Please fill in all fields and upload a copy of your tax exemption certificate form. The state of delivery (or pick up) determines which certificate is requested to make tax-exempt purchases. Please use the below details for seller information:

Eveon Containers Inc.

4900 O’Hear Ave. Suite 100

North Charleston, SC 29405

Please fill in your credentials below. (IMPORTANT NOTE: The email provided below is linked to the exemption certificate. Please be aware that only with this email will you be able to make tax-exempt purchases on the webshop if your request is accepted).

Sales tax exemption form