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    Bridging The Gap Between
    Bridging The Gap Between

    While one may fall prey to the stereotype that an Ecommerce company would hide behind the veil of algorithms, as we grow our company we are committed to a human centric business model.

    The mission of Eveon is to offer sustainable building, shipping and storage solutions with just the click of a button. Providing fully automated transactions, ensuring efficiency and convenience for our customers. But beyond that, we pride ourselves on delivering excellent service to the thousands of customers we serve. Whether it's a farmer seeking to secure their feed or the President of a manufacturing plant in need of extra storage, we are committed to delivering each shipping container on time with a seamless experience. Our goal is to do our job, so that our customers can focus on theirs.

    Nevertheless, we understand that life can be complex, and accidents happen. There are instances when the conveniences of an automated service don't apply, and in such cases, we acknowledge the presence of human error. Take, for example, the situation with our valued customer, Wayne Eash.

    Last month, Mr. Eash, the founder of a Millersburg, Indiana heating and plumbing distributorship was confused when his container arrived. A reseller and distributor of domestic heating, cooling products and plumbing supplies, the owner of WS Wholesale ( had ordered 40 feet high cube. Unfortunately, a 40 feet standard shipping container was delivered instead. Trustpilot Review - WS.png Looking to create more temporary onsite storage, Eash ordered a few high cube containers for their equipment as they prepare to relocate to a new facility. The business owner, used to helping people in hot water, kept his cool and handled the mix up with grace and patience. A new container was swapped within the day.

    Our commitment to excellent service extends beyond just efficient transactions; it also includes accountability, transparency, and a dedication to continuous improvement. While we are digital, we are still human.

    We appreciate Mr. Eash for his Trustpilot review considering the human error and promise as we continue to innovate and evolve, we will remain true to our values and deliver on our commitment to excellence, always acknowledging our humanity in the process.