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California Fire Department utilizes used shipping containers for enhanced training

‘Inside the box’ with Vacaville City Fire Department & Battalion Chief Purnell

    california shipping containers fire department
    california shipping containers fire department

    Sitting by a backyard fire can be a truly relaxing experience. Not only is there the wonderful smell of smoke and the sounds of the crackling flames, but studies have even found that gazing at a fire can even lower your blood pressure. Many people choose to install backyard fire pits, which are often made of Corten steel. This is the same metal that is used to make shipping containers, because it is highly fire resistant, can withstand extreme heat for long periods of time, and is not prone to erosion.

    We were delighted to learn a few of our Corten steel used containers had made their way to serve the Vacaville Fire Department in California. We called the station to learn more...

    After a warm introduction over the phone with Battalion Chief, Ryan Purnell, things got serious when we asked the (20-year veteran of the department) how they were enjoying their containers from Eveon.

    “We lit your containers on fire....” Chief Purnell stated matter-of-factly. “We are building out a training facility and the containers are ideal for ‘training burns’ and ‘forced entry’ exercises. Since the galvanized steel containers are weatherproof and fire-resistant, they can withstand the immense amounts of water we use onsite. The two containers are tough and tolerate the heat needed to prepare and train our team. To replicate various scenarios that our guys would encounter in the field, walls, and doors have been added in the interior.”

    While typically no one wants to hear their product is going up in flames, we couldn’t be more proud. To think that shipping containers once used to protect and secure goods crossing the ocean, are now utilized to train those who specialize in doing just that...protecting and serving.

    When your job responsibilities include protecting life and property, rescue, and quick assistance in the event of an emergency, proper training and teamwork are paramount. When seconds could save a life and decisions need to be made without hesitation, Vacaville first responders benefit from the added non-life-threatening experiences available in the container.

    “The containers have been a great addition to the facility. We will add more structures as needed, one container at a time.” Chief Purnell noted.

    So it sounds like our Eveon containers that may have been anticipating a more serene land-based life, have gone back to school where training burns, fire extinguishment, victim searches, and forced entry are all on the syllabus.

    The City of Vacaville Fire Department consists of 91 full-time firefighters serving five stations in the area. Established in 1895, the department addressed 13,000 calls in 2022. Where every day is different, and each call requires each member of the department to perform at their very best.

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