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California flood survivors find quick & affordable storage solution with used containers

‘Inside the box’ with Rusty Mileur


    Nine “atmospheric rivers” have pummeled California from late December 2022 through late January 2023. (An atmospheric river is a narrow band of clouds that are full of water vapor from the tropics and propelled across the globe by the jet stream. Upon landfall, these rivers dump their contents either as rain or snow.) As a result of the weather phenomena, almost half of the state’s entire amount of annual precipitation came down over a month. After a years-long drought, the state’s rivers, streams, and residents are being pushed to the limits.

    On February 6, 2023, this all came home to Eveon Containers when Rusty Mileur of Merced, California, left a review on Trustpilot. He wrote that he had just purchased two 20-foot containers in a desperate attempt to quickly relocate and safely store his possessions.

    While we were happy he found a solution with Eveon (and though we of course appreciate his kind words), we were also concerned for the safety. So we reached out to Mr. Mileur to check on everyone.

    “We are all safe,” he reported, “but there is significant water damage to our home and many others in the area.”

    “Due to the surge in storage demand,” he continued, “local facilities were either all booked or under water. We needed secure options quickly. After almost giving up, we found Eveon Containers online.”

    “Parts of Merced, our hometown since 2002, were under three feet of water in February,” said Mr. Mileur. “However, my wife and I consider ourselves lucky because our home—it was built in 1969—is a few feet off the ground.”

    “Many of the walls will need to be removed due to water damage,” he said, “but we are in better shape than most of the area. For the time being we are living in a trailer on the property until renovations are complete. We are still packing all our items into the new containers, which we are happy to report are most definitely watertight!”

    When we asked why, amid the chaos of a disaster, he decided to post a five-star review for us on Trustpilot, he answered: “Natural disasters are a part of life you can’t control. All we can do is control our attitude.”

    We appreciate that Mr. Mileur could rely on Eveon for securely storing his belongings and we admire his positive attitude while dealing with the dynamic weather.