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    yatch rigger
    yatch rigger

    We love following our decommissioned shipping containers as they begin their new land-based futures. Some find their way to the mountains, others to farms, and in the case of our next ‘Inside The Box’ feature, a few make their way to a coastal boatyard amongst others who spent their lives maneuvering the natural forces found at sea.

    Off the west coast of Florida, we find our next Eveon customer, water enthusiasts, and obsessed boaters, The Yacht Rigger, owned by Stephen Lloyd, Brian Ford, and Andre Cormier. Located in St. Petersburg, Florida, the company is dedicated to marine upgrades and maintenance of sail and power boats, including a team of craftsmen specialized in welding, fabricating, electrical, and rigging. The business services include but should not be limited to; Marine Solar & Electrical Systems, aluminum and stainless metal fabrication, Standing Rigging Replacement, Winch Servicing, Splicing, Hardware Installation, New Sails and sail covers, Marine parts distribution, and more. The team is committed to quality customer service and attention to detail. Preventative maintenance and timely upgrades are essential to safety out on the water.

    Like Eveon Containers, The Yacht Rigger, believes that quality pieces and parts that are well-maintained and properly cared for can continue to be highly functional for years to come. A sport and hobby that brings much peace and solidarity, takes an active team to properly care for and prepare the equipment.

    As a vital part of sailboat safety, sailboat rigging is a specialized industry that requires both sailing knowledge and technical background to understand the complex systems that make a sailboat mast and sails function.

    South African expat and lead rigger Stephen Lloyd and his team specialize in all types of yacht rigging. Their teamwork and talents provide comprehensive services tailored around their clients’ needs servicing and improving cruising and racing boats.

    “Shipping containers are a simple and cost-effective solution for us to grow piece by piece, as needed, with an incredibly solid structure that lends well to many applications.” Stephen Llyod explains.

    For more information on The Yacht Rigger or to simply “talk boat” please visit