Durable and robust, a used container is extremely strong

A container is a highly durable piece of construction work. The design may look simple, but the smart construction of the steel frame, comprising square tubing and corrugated iron, makes a container both literally and figuratively exceptionally strong, even used.

In the production regions of China, new containers roll off the production lines every day. Especially now that there is a glaring shortage of containers, the often robotized production lines are working overtime. The containers are made of Corten steel that is around 2 mm thick. This special steel is a metal alloy of iron to which copper, phosphorus, silicon, nickel and chromium have been added. The steel plates and square tubing are treated with a protective primer before welding and cutting is carried out. After the container has been assembled, the final finishing work takes place and all relevant codes are attached to it.

The advantage of Corten steel is that the addition of the other metals to the iron creates a solid rust layer, called the oxide skin, which protects the deeper lying material from oxygen. So, if the paint layer wears off due to intensive use, the steel is still protected. This is because the container is made of Corten steel, which has special properties. More details can be found through this link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weathering_steel

Part of the reason why the container is so strong is the fact that each plate is 100% vertically corrugated into a trapezoidal profile. Another factor that contributes to its strength is the steel frame with its characteristic corner castings. Almost all containers have a wooden floor made of certified 28 mm plywood.

A new container is either purchased by a shipping company or a leasing company, which then rents it out. The lifespan of a container is 14 to 18 years. But before a container becomes "too old" for use, container shipping companies or leasing companies sell them. They then enter the second-hand market completely "neutralized". This means that all logos and prefixes remain on the container. Each shipping company has a so-called prefix of four characters. Eveon's prefixes are EVCU and EVEU.

All used containers sold by Eveon are known as "wind and waterproof" containers. This means that the container is resistant to both wind and water, but that it may show signs of use, such as rust, dents and scratches. However, there are no holes in it and the rubber seals around the doors are in good working order. All items that are transported or stored in the container will therefore remain dry. In addition, the supplier of the container (whether it is picked up or delivered) ensures that a proper inspection is carried out.