Eveon Containers digitizes and speeds up commercial shipping and storage container supply, expands to first U.S. location

Newark, New Jersey, July 15, 2021– Today, Eveon Containers, the first and fully digital commercial container shopping platform, announced its first physical container supply location for the U.S. in the East Coast transport hub of Newark, New Jersey. Founded in 2020 by Aad Storm, former vice president and CCO of international container supplier Caru Containers, Eveon offers a fully digital and transparent experience to customers with commercial shipping or storage needs. Already in operation in numerous European cities, Eveon will be swiftly expanding into other U.S. shipping hubs by the end of 2021. 

While containers are a fundamental part of the global economy and used to transport equipment and goods around the world, the traditional purchasing process for containers is outdated, not digitalized and takes place in a highly opaque market. Product prices are not readily available with traditional dealers; they’re either not published or prospective customers need to manually submit a written request or call someone to initiate the purchase process. This leads to two major problems: incomplete cost comparison among potential suppliers and an unknown, dramatically lengthened purchase time, with the customer unsure as to whether a fair price has ultimately been paid. 

“Eveon flips the traditionally murky and slow container procurement process with two things suppliers can’t currently offer: immediate, transparent and fair prices and a fast and transparent digital customer experience,” says Aad Storm. “We’re a 100% digitally native supplier that enables companies to buy containers directly from our online shop and have them delivered without having to waste time on a quote or inquiry. Everything is listed on the site to ensure efficient transactions.”

Furthermore, Eveon aims to be a force for good in an industry where sustainability is not embedded in the processes of most companies. 

"Of the 45 million containers currently out in the world, one in three are moved empty,” continues Aad. “Eveon tries to reduce the need for empty shipments by selling our containers at import-dominated locations, thereby cutting CO2 emissions in the supply chain. CO2 emissions that we can’t currently avoid, such as the emissions from trucks delivering containers to our customers, are offset by supporting the reforestation efforts of Land Life. As we expand our business model worldwide, we’re constantly evolving our sustainability strategy in tandem to make sure we handle our business in the most responsible way.” 

Eveon offers three new and used container variants for storage needs: 20ft, 40ft and a 40ft high cube. Customers can immediately see the product and transportation costs on the Eveon website during the shopping process, including volume discounts. A New Jersey-based customer service team is also available and can be reached by chat, email and phone. 

Customers can opt to pick up the container personally 24 hours after payment, speeding up the process. Eveon currently delivers within a 350 mile radius around Cleveland and 300 mile radius around Chicago, Miami, Oakland and Savannah. Eveon also delivers within a 250 mile radius around Columbus, Long Beach, Newark and Norfolk and 150 mile radius around Baltimore. More locations will follow soon.

The full range of products and services can be viewed at www.eveoncontainers.com.

 About Eveon

Eveon is the leading e-commerce provider for the commercial procurement of used ISO containers, making the container market more accessible to end customers with fast service and lower prices. Eveon makes it possible to buy containers directly online and with a fully automatic delivery process – without having to submit price requests in advance. Eveon was founded in 2020 by Aad Storm in Rotterdam in the Netherlands, with a vision to revolutionize the global container market with an innovative web shop that offers greater transparency, better prices and excellent service to both commercial and private customers.