Licensed dispensary modifies containers into sustainable labs & drying areas...

‘Inside The Box’ with Juniper Jill Cannabis Company

For upstate New York resident Jenny Scarpulla and her family of 7, growing, manufacturing, and packaging cannabis is serious business. After sending a small fleet of used shipping containers to Scarp Farm, we were eager to learn more about their startup brand, Juniper Jill Cannabis Company.

As of 2023, the cannabis industry has achieved a significant milestone with medical approval in 38 states and legal status for recreational use in 22. This marks a substantial shift from its previous status as a controversial and often restricted industry. Whether you prefer Indica or Sativa or just “know” some who does, the cannabis industry and its growers are no longer isolated to working in the confines of their black-lit basements to meet demand. 

In fact, with advances in technology, research and global acceptance, the total U.S. economic impact generated by cannabis sales is expected to top $100 billion this year. This demand for cannabis-based products includes oils, edibles, and medical treatments. 

 In states like New York where cannabis recently became legal, it’s not uncommon to see dispensers opening right next to big box stores. The normalization of pot, hemp and cannabis products has arrived. Companies like Juniper Jill and the Scarp Farm are the growers and manufacturers that provide those retail outlets with OCM certified product.  

Nestled amid the beauty of the Green Mountains in upstate New York, Scarp Farm was built in 1886 and includes 60-acres, the family home and business operations.  After a country wide search in 2018, Jenny Scarpulla found the estate on Zillow and immediately knew this was the family’s next chapter. The entrepreneur and grower wanted to create a sustainable loving community.  Scarp Farm would become the incubator for Juniper Jill Cannabis Co., which is a small batch, top-tier cannabis line founded with her partners Mike Scarpulla, Dr. Theodore Hausler, and Eric Larkin. Evident in the product, quality, and packaging, this is not the swag you got in high school!


Along with contemporary marketing, the family business is committed to maintaining their brand values and core missions throughout the farm’s growth. 

“Integrity and community are at the heart of everything we do. In keeping with our environmentally conscious growing techniques and low-impact reusable and recyclable packaging solutions, sustainability is a core priority for Scarp Farm. So the use of decommissioned containers, opposed to new ones was organic, and aligned with our goals.” Scarpulla adds. 

The corrugated steel boxes can easily be modified to meet industry guidelines. Growers can customize the container to meet their needs, including lighting, temperature, humidity, and the addition of irrigation systems. Furthermore, the size and weathertight structure of a shipping container make them a popular option for cannabis operations, providing a secure and controlled space to cultivate high-quality crops.

“Cannabis can be finicky, so managing the elements are paramount to successful growth. The containers have been an ideal addition to our operations. We needed a legitimate partner to work with and found that with Eveon.” 

To learn more about the Scarp Farm and their wholesale cannabis line, or to follow their blog make sure to visit Juniper Jill Cannabis Co.