Competitive dance floors go mobile with a little help from a shipping container...

“Inside The Box’ With Master Dance Floors Of Las Vegas

For decades shipping containers have generally been ignored as they rumble past you on the highway. Containers are not particularly attractive and purposely unassuming. What’s most interesting about the Corten Steel box is what lies beneath the metal. Each carries a story, moves a product, and creates an opportunity. For this week’s ‘Inside The Box’ we head to Sin City to meet Master Dance Floors of Las Vegas and discover how a used shipping container helps bring the party to thousands of dancers a year. 

For most people dancing is a way to celebrate, relax and connect with others, for the Duncan family of Tennessee and Vegas, dancing is big business. Regarded as one of the county’s premier flooring rental companies, they have served events on the East & West coast for more than twenty years. 

Whether it’s an intimate affair or a gala for thousands, Master Dance Floors Of Las Vegas can provide hardwood oak and maple dance floors and experienced staff to put it all together. Their services which include delivery, installation, repair, and removal of specialized flooring, requires secure storage and shipping of panels across the country. 

“While we have set up venues for weddings, our main clientele is large dance competitions across the US, specifically Ballroom, West Coast Swing and Country Two Step.” Company founder and dancer Bobbie Duncan explains. 

Ballroom competitions like these are popular across the United States and bring together dancers (leader & followers) from all backgrounds and skill levels to showcase their talents in front of judges and audiences. As one can imagine, flooring for events like these are vital to the event’s success and safety of the participants. 

“We manage around 20,000 sq. feet of flooring at one time. Special attention must be put into maintaining and installing dance floor so that costumes don’t get snagged, seams don’t catch any shoes, and that panels are assembled so there is no interference with dancers. Our locking system prevents shifts, separations, and seams.”

The proud grandmother to four, Duncan is a GSDTA Certified Dance Instructor specialized in west coast swing, hustle, country western and night club two-step. After dancing competitively, judging and organizing events, she and her husband shifted their focus in 1993 to providing spring-based flooring for dancers and dance productions.  The floors are unique in that they provide extra cushion, thus alleviating tension and reducing injury. 

“Our ‘Floating Floors’ allow people to dance all night long and not feel it in the morning. These panels are pricey and must be stored and shipped carefully.” Duncan shares. 

“Incorporating Eveon Containers into our business keeps us fluid. We need to ship, store and repair panels without delay, and the portable Conex boxes are convenient options for all our company needs.”

To learn more about Master Dance Floors of Vegas and their floating floors click here.