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The interior and exterior dimensions of a shipping container

Understanding shipping container dimensions is a crucial part of buying a container. In fact, numbers are key when it comes to containers, and if you want to store specific goods inside one, then you really need to understand measurements and measuring systems. Additionally, before purchasing a storage container, we advise you to carefully consider three crucial factors: 1) what the container will be used for, 2) your budget, and 3) specific shipping container dimensions, including height and weight requirements. These three factors influence the type of shipping container you can buy. Also, consider the internal and external dimensions of the container. We denote this by the terms interior and exterior.

    shipping container dimensions
    shipping container dimensions

    Working out the best possible size for your needs is key at the onset, and it’s vital to paving the way for your best possible purchase. Be it a 20ft, 40ft, or high cube shipping container — we’ll guide you in your choice by explaining key sizing differences below.

    ISO standards for containers no matter their size

    At Eveon Containers, all the containers we sell conform to universal ISO quality standards to ensure they are wind and water-tight. These standards are minimum and maximum specifications when it comes to the measuring of containers. Feel free to take a look at these standards in the table below:

    20ft shipping container dimensions

    Our smallest product offering is a 20ft container. Below you find the dimensions of a 20-foot shipping container.

    The exterior dimensions of this container are: 20’ (length) x 8' (width) x 8'6" (height). Its interior dimensions are roughly: 19’4” (length) x 7’9” (width) x 7’10” (height). They also have roughly 150sq ft of storage capacity. When it comes to width — standard shipping containers that meet ISO Certification will always measure 8ft wide externally and have an external height of 8’5’’. And internally, they will also have a minimum width of 7.6ft and a minimum height of 7.6ft high.

    40ft Shipping Container Dimensions

    Should you need a somewhat larger container, then a 40ft container might very well be the best size for your requirements. These are the dimensions of a 40-foot container:

    • The exterior dimensions of this container are: 40' (length) x 8' (width) x 8'6" (height).
    • Its interior dimensions are: 39' 5'' (length) x 7' 8'' (width) x 7'10" (height).
    • They offer roughly 305sq ft of storage capacity.

    Standard shipping containers that meet ISO Certification will measure 8ft wide externally and 8.5ft high. They will also measure roughly 7.6ft wide internally and have an internal height of 7.6ft.

    40ft High Cube container dimensions

    40ft high cube Conex containers are our biggest product on offer. These containers are one foot higher than a standard 40ft container, allowing for goods with an increased height or the need for a forklift to transport goods in and out of the container. Check out the 40-foot container high cube dimensions.

    • The exterior dimensions of a 40ft high cube shipping container are: 40' (length) x 8' (width) x 9'6" (height).
    • Its interior dimensions are: 39'5" (length) x 7'9" (width) x 8'10" (height).
    • They offer roughly 305 sq ft of storage space. Shipping containers that meet ISO Certification will measure 8.8ft high for the interior of high cube containers.

    Moreover, high cube shipping containers can be for both commercial and private usage. Since these Conex containers have a bit more space than standard ones, they are a fantastic solution for housing bigger cargo or for an increased number of smaller items.

    Read further about shipping container dimensions below.

    How many pallets fit in a container?

    Many customers ask us how many pallets fit in a container. And our answer is always, well, that depends on the size of the pallet and the container itself.

    A pallet is a wooden structure used in the transportation of goods. It has a particularly clever purpose in ensuring the stability of goods, especially those moved with a forklift or crane. Moreover, using a pallet ensures seamless storage and moving of goods due to the pallet’s universal size.

    A commonly used pallet is the Euro pallet, which is 31.5” wide x 47.24” long. However, it’s important to note that pallets are also available with a dimension of 40” x 48”, the latter being more popular in North America. Additionally, another pallet available in 39.37” x 47.24” is commonly used in Asia and Europe, and this is considered similar to the North American version of the 40”x 48” pallet.

    Given this information, a 20ft container can hold around 10 - 11 pallets (depending on the size and type of cargo stacked on the pallet). In contrast, a 40ft container can hold around 20 - 24 pallets (also, depending on the size and type of cargo).

    Further support when it comes to shipping container dimensions

    We know that the Global Shipping Container Market is growing on a daily basis, as are the growing environmental concerns associated with producing new containers. That’s why at Eveon Containers Inc., we want to help you navigate through these complexities and make the right decision when it comes to purchasing a used container.

    We know that choosing a container that best fits your needs might be difficult at the onset. You might require further support when it comes to navigating all shipping container dimensions.

    Feel free to chat with one of our customer sales representatives to cross-check everything before you buy. They can reassure you about your purchase and any requirements you have when it comes to shipping container dimensions. Drop us a line today. Or merely get started and purchase a shipping container at Eveon Containers Inc. today.

    Shipping container size chart

    Container SizeExterior DimensionsInterior DimensionsSq FootageDoor SizeContainer Weight
    20ft Container20’ x 8’ x 8’6”19’4” x 7’6”146sq ft7’8” x 7’6”4,914 lbs
    40ft Container40’ x 8’ x 8’6”39’6” x 7’6” x 7’6”300sq ft7’8” x 7’6”8,380 lbs
    40ft High Cube40’ x 8’ x 9’6”39’6” x 7’6” x 8’8”300sq ft7’8” x 8’6”8,598 lbs