All Shipping Containers

Eveon Containers sells different types of shipping containers depending on your need. Our published inventory has 100% guaranteed availability so you never have to worry about a shortage. Eveon currently delivers within a 350 mile radius around Cleveland and 300 mile radius around Baltimore, Newark and Savannah. Eveon also delivers within a 200 mile radius around Chicago and Oakland. More locations will follow soon.

Where do you need your container?

Enter the delivery address and select the size and condition of the desired container. The available inventory will be shown. Prices may differ per location and are subject to change.

Wind and watertight
20ft Container
Wooden floor, Wind & watertight, ISO certified
Wind and watertight
40ft Container
Wooden floor, Wind & watertight, ISO certified
Wind and watertight
40ft High Cube
Wooden floor, Wind & watertight, ISO certified

Buying shipping containers online

The traditional ways of getting a container take too much time and not enough efficiency. Eveon is a digital retailer for shipping containers. We’re focused on making this transaction for you as painless (and transparent) as possible. You can order your container(s) online in only a few minutes. At Eveon, our goal is to offer our customers containers at the best price online.

How do we do it? Take a look

Eveon Containers was created to provide greater transparency and digital efficiency in a conservative mostly analog market in which an open price quote isn't common. We make ordering a container as easy as ordering shoes online. This means you don’t have to wait long for an offer and you don’t pay more than you should.

Ordering shipping containers online

Simply select your desired shipping container(s) and enter the ZIP code of your delivery address and desired delivery date. The entire process is fully digital. Exciting, isn't it? Our team is happy to assist you on business days if you need any help. Support is offered by email, chat or phone through our customer service.

Make sure to have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions for more detailed information. Our decades of experience have taught us that our customers often have the same questions about this new container ordering process. Can’t find the answer to your question? Our customer service team would be happy to answer all your questions.

How does the order process work?

After you've added the shipping container(s) to your shopping cart and entered an address, we will automatically calculate the delivery costs.  

We will always make sure that we deliver your container(s) from the depot nearest your location. This not only saves you money, but also avoids unnecessary miles, cutting down on carbon emissions that occur from unnecessary transportation.

You can pick up your container as soon as the following business day from the depot location most convenient to you. If you opt for delivery, the container will be delivered by crane, truck or side loader within a short delivery window after the order has been placed.

You can select your preferred delivery window* before you proceed to the Payment page.

New and used shipping containers

At Eveon, you can order new and used shipping containers based on ISO standards. This means you can use your containers for storage at any time without worrying if they’re up to code.

All containers have the following specifications:

●       ISO certification

●       Wind and water tight

●       Windproof and waterproof

●       Wooden floor

●       Lockbox (new containers only)

* Note as of mid-September, we’re unfortunately experiencing significant delays in the Newark, NJ region due to the unforeseeable damage Hurricane Ida caused in September 2021. A small fraction of our customers who wish to have their orders delivered may experience additional delays due to continued damage to transportation routes that were in the hurricane’s path. We’re actively working on alternative routes and transportation to stock our containers for customers wanting their containers delivered in affected locations.