All shipping containers

Eveon Containers sells different types of shipping containers. We currently deliver used wind and watertight containers in a 200 mile radius around Newark. Take a look at our current offer below and simply order online. more locations and one trip containers will follow soon.
  1. Select your container(s) and pay quickly and securely.

  2. Collect your container yourself just one hour after placing the order.

  3. Or you can have your container delivered within 5 working days after your order.

Where do you need your container?

Enter the postcode of the delivery address and choose the size and condition of your container. Then you will directly see the right product.

Wind and watertight
20ft Container
Wooden floor, Wind & watertight, ISO certified
Wind and watertight
40ft Container
Wooden floor, Wind & watertight, ISO certified
Wind and watertight
40ft High Cube
Wooden floor, Wind & watertight, ISO certified

Buying shipping containers online

Eveon is the digital retailer for shipping containers. You can order your shipping container online within a few minutes. At Eveon, we offer our customers shipping containers online at the best price as we work more efficiently than other providers.

How do we do it? We’ll be happy to explain this to you below.

Eveon Containers was founded to provide more transparency in a conservative market where an open price quote is not common. We make ordering containers just as easy as ordering shoes online. This means you don’t have to wait long for an offer and you don’t pay too much.

Ordering shipping containers online

You simply select the desired shipping container and enter the postcode of your delivery address and the desired delivery date. All of this is completely digital. Isn’t that exciting? Understandable, because most people don’t buy a shipping container very often! Our team is happy to assist you on working days if you need help. This will take place via e-mail, chat or phone.

Also take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions. Our years of experience have taught us that our customers often have the same questions. Can’t find your question? Our team responds as quickly as possible.

How does the order process work?

After you have added the shipping container to your shopping cart and given an address, we will calculate the delivery costs directly.  

We always make sure that we deliver your container from the nearest depot to your location. This not only saves costs but also avoids unnecessary kilometres.

You can pick up the container the next working day from your chosen depot. If you have decided on delivery, the container will be delivered by crane, truck or side loader within 5* working days.

New and used shipping containers

At Eveon, you order new and used shipping containers with ISO standards. You can therefore use your containers for storage or transport at any time.

All containers have the following specifications:

●       ISO certification

●       Wind and water tight

●       Windproof and waterproof

●       Wooden floor

●       Lockbox (only with new containers)

* Depending on the region for which you order the container