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Are you in need of a Conex box for sale? We’re proud to present our best range of used containers for sale at Eveon Containers Inc. — cheap and sustainable container solutions for all your needs and a transparent payment system too!

Below you can find a used Conex box at the best possible price and your required location. Simply take a look at all our Conex boxes for sale below:

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What is a Conex box, and what can it be used for?

A Conex box is simply another word for a shipping container, storage container, or Conex container, and such boxes have often traveled across the globe on container ships. Our Conex boxes for sale can be used for a range of different purposes — anything from the basic storage of all sorts of equipment and supplies to the repurposing of containers in the form of swimming pools, low-cost housing, or even indoor farms or greenhouses. These were once sea-going containers that now have a new lease on life!

Moreover, note that the internal size of a Conex box for sale also determines the contents you can store therein or the overall purpose. We’ve written an enlightening blog post about the storage capacity of containers in our post about how many pallets fit in a container. And we sincerely hope this post will help guide your decision in terms of the size of the container you may need according to the intended purpose.

conex box for sale

The cost of a used Conex box

At Eveon Containers Inc., we offer top-notch Conex containers for sale — everything from 20ft containers0 to 40ft, as well as high cube variations. There are various other types of containers out there, of course, but we specifically specialize in containers like a 20ft Conex box, 40ft Conex box, and 40ft high cube containers.

Note that a Conex box for sale conforms to ISO standards — these are universal quality standards that ensure containers conform to various sizing requirements. Feel free to learn more about these international ISO standards for general-purpose containers.

The sustainability of a Conex box

At Eveon Containers, we acknowledge that there are millions of Conex boxes across the globe. Some are simply waiting to be reused and are stacked high up in shipping yards.

That’s why we strive to be a game changer in the shipping container industry, and we pride ourselves on the reuse of Conex boxes. Not only is a used shipping container cheaper than a new one — great for you as our customer too! — but, the major carbon footprint associated with the production of new containers is a large issue and is detrimental to the environment. That’s why buying a used container is simply so sustainable.

How can I order a used Conex box?

You might want to know how to buy a shipping container at Eveon Containers. In fact, finding a used Conex box for sale is instantaneous and as easy as pie. All you need to do is the following:

  • Check our product pages for the size of the container you require.
  • Select a container in the size you’d like.
  • Fill out your zip code to see the price in your region and delivery prices.
  • Add the required product to the checkout and complete the checkout form.
  • Make the payment, and you’ll receive an email confirmation.
  • Receive your container the next day (if you’ve selected the pick-up option) or within 3 - 6 days if shipped to your preferred location.

Locate a Conex box for sale near me

One of the key advantages of using our webshop to search for used containers is our special tool for locating a container near you or where you most need it — you can do this by searching for shipping containers for sale near me.

Firstly, all you need to do is simply select the type of container you require — that’s the first step in the process. Once you’ve selected your container type, you can then specify where you need the container and also whether you’ll collect it yourself or whether you’d like it dropped off. Both are totally fine and feasible for us. Why not take a look and search for a Conex box for sale near me now?

Don’t delay; order today! Should you have any pressing questions about our containers, feel free to give us a call. While you’re at it, don’t forget to take a look at Eveon's Customer Service Satisfaction & Guarantee — 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on all used Conex boxes for sale.