Shipping Containers for Military & Government

Shipping containers are great way for the military to create mobile shelters or use as portable storage. See how Eveon Containers can offer you storage solutions. 

Shipping containers are a great way to for the military quickly expand their operations. With our modular containers, you can build portable shelters or use them for portable storage.  These containers can be transported by land, air or sea to any destination, making them highly convenient for any operation.

Our modular containers can also be used for the following military applications:

·       Portable storage

·       Office space

·       Hospitals

·       Barracks & Housing

·       After action review (AAR) structures

·       And more…

Shipping containers are customizable and highly durable to meet your needs. They offer weather resistance and durability. 

Containers for military & government applications range from our 20 foot to 40 foot containers. We also offer 40 foot high cube containers for larger requirements.  

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