40ft Used High Cube Container

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Tilt Bed / Roll Off: You will receive the container on a trailer. The trailer will tilt back and place one side of the container on the ground. Then the trailer will pull away and the container will slide or roll slowly onto the ground. Customer Assist: This option requires you (the customer) to have an anchor point on the delivery location. A chain can be attached to the container and then attached to the anchor point. The trailer will then pull away and the container will slide onto the ground.

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About this container

Our new containers are also known as one-way or one-trip containers. After this first trip, small signs of wear and tear cannot be avoided. Used containers have been used to transport goods for several years (13-17 years) and can show paint damage, rust, dents and/or repairs.
External Internal
Length 40' 39' 5''
Width 8' 7' 9''
Height 9' 6'' 8' 10''
Length 12.2 12.03
Width 2.44 2.36
Height 2.9 2.69
Length 1220 1203
Width 244 236
Height 290 269

Wooden floor

All our containers have wooden floors.

Wind & watertight

We repair our containers so that they are windproof and waterproof.

ISO certified

All our containers are tested and repaired in accordance with international regulations.

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Buying a 40ft Used High Cube Container

Eveon supplies used 40ft high cube shipping containers. Since this container is higher than a normal 40ft container, it is perfect for use as a storage container. To make sure your container is ready for use despite years of travel, we repair our used containers where necessary. As a result, our second-hand 40ft high cube containers are considered “cargo worthy,” windproof and waterproof. As with all other containers, the floor is made of wood and there is a lockbox.

The Eveon team does its best to guarantee the best price online. Since we buy all of our containers directly from the source, we can offer high cube containers at a low price and can make the container available to you faster than any other provider. The reason is our fully digitized ordering process, cutting out all the middle men in a traditional container purchase process. Another advantage is that we are not only amazingly affordable, but also work more sustainably than other dealers.

After your order has been placed, the used 40ft high cube container will be ready for pick-up as soon as the next business day from the depot of your choice. If you don’t have a crane and, consequently, cannot transport the container, no problem! We deliver the containers to the desired location within a specified delivery window* after the order has been placed. You can also see the transportation costs directly, so you can decide whether you would prefer for us to arrange transport or if you’d prefer to arrange to pick up the container yourself.

Finally, you benefit from a volume discount. The more high cube containers you order, the higher the discount. This makes us more transparent than any other provider in the market. And if you can find the same container cheaper elsewhere, take advantage of our fair price guarantee. Simply submit any better offer you receive through our price monitoring page, and Eveon will then cross-verify the price. If it’s an identical offer, we will consider offering this price to all of our customers.

*Note as of mid-September, we’re unfortunately experiencing significant delays in the Newark, NJ region due to the unforeseeable damage Hurricane Ida caused in September 2021. A small fraction of our customers who wish to have their orders delivered may experience additional delays due to continued damage to transportation routes that were in the hurricane’s path. We’re actively working on alternative routes and transportation to stock our containers for customers wanting their containers delivered in affected locations.