Shipping Containers for Dry Food Storage

Shipping containers are great way to protect dry food & keep them safe from the elements. See how Eveon Containers can offer you food storage solutions.

Having a dry, safe space to store food is extremely improtant. Since our containers are desigend to withstand all types of weather conditions, they are certified to be wind and water resistant. This makes them ideal for dry food storage where the contents will be protected. 

If humidity is a concern, hvac units can be attached to reduce levels and keep mositure out. 

Our containers can also be used for the following food storage applications:

·       Pantry space

·       Restaurants  

·       Food banks

·       Grocery stores

·       storerooms

·       And more…

After an extreme weather event, such as a hurricane, making sure residents have food to eat is crucial. Weather-resistant storage containers are usually deployed to create emergency food banks and dispense supplies. 

Shipping containers are customizable and highly durable to meet your needs. They make the perfect storeroom for any dry food storage scenario.  

Containers for food storage range from our 20 foot to 40 foot containers. We also offer 40 foot high cube containersfor larger requirements.  

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