20ft Used Container

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Delivery with Tilt Bed / Roll Off

You will receive the container on a trailer. The trailer will tilt back and place one side of the container on the ground. Then the trailer will pull away and the container will slide or roll slowly onto the ground. For further information please check the Delivery Guide

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About this container

Our 20ft standard containers have traveled the world, and as a result, can sometimes look a bit rough with signs of wear and tear. We guarantee that each container is wind and watertight and will serve you well as a great storage solution for many years to come! There are no holes in the structure and the wooden floor is in good condition. The container can be any color and may sometimes still have the logo of the shipping company. For most land-based purposes, like storage solutions, used shipping containers are the best option.
External Internal
Length 20' 19' 4''
Width 8' 7' 9''
Height 8' 6'' 7' 10''
Length 6.1 5.9
Width 2.44 2.36
Height 2.59 2.39
Length 610 590
Width 244 236
Height 259 239

Wooden floor

All our containers have wooden floors.

Wind & watertight

We repair our containers so that they are windproof and waterproof.

ISO certified

All our containers are tested and repaired in accordance with international regulations.

About Eveon

Eveon is the leading sustainable e-commerce provider for the commercial procurement of used ISO-certified shipping containers. We enable you to buy your containers 24/7 in our online shop with a fast, automated delivery process at incredibly competitive prices. Sustainability is a key concern for us and that is why from 2022 we will only offer ISO-certified used containers, thus minimizing climate-damaging emissions. You can expect excellent customer service, great prices, a 30 day Money Back Guarantee, a Container Quality Guarantee and even a very attractive volume discount when ordering multiple containers!

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Customer reviews


    After spending hours looking for a reasonably price 40 ft HQ container, I found Eveon online with great price. So I call the company and talk to Claudia. She was very helpful and professionally explained everything. The delivery was prompt with experienced driver who was able to navigate into our tight spot. I impressed with the condition of the container. Highly recommend

    Charles Metee

    Sun, 10 Apr 2022

  • GREAT SERVICE!!!! Thank you Shabina and Rodney

    Bought a 40 ft HQ container from Eveon but due to the small curve driveway, the driver was unable to deliver. Shabina from customer service is amazing! she spoke to the manager and was able to get us two 20 ft for reasonable additional charged as a replacement. The containers were in excellent condition and delivery on time. Rodney, the driver is also very experienced and accommodating.  Thank you!!!!

    Nikki Tirada

    Sun, 10 Apr 2022

  • Container arrived early, great communication!

    The container arrived earlier than expected but that was great! The person delivering the container called the Friday before to communicate the arrival date and he communicated with me as he left the port, 2 hours out, and thirty minutes. He was unable to get the container in my driveway but I was prepared for that and I moved the container and set it up. Now, I am ready to start the process of getting it ready to paint. I paid through PayPal, which has purchase protection, although no worries this company can be trusted.

    Brandy Howard

    Tue, 05 Apr 2022