20ft Used Container

20ft Used Container

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About this container

Our 20ft standard containers have traveled the world, and as a result, can sometimes look a bit rough with signs of wear and tear. We guarantee that each container is wind and watertight and will serve you well as a great storage solution for many years to come! There are no holes in the structure and the wooden floor is in good condition. The container can be any color and may sometimes still have the logo of the shipping company. For most land-based purposes, like storage solutions, used shipping containers are the best option.





Wooden floor

All our containers have wooden floors.

Wind & watertight

We repair our containers so that they are windproof and waterproof.

ISO certified

All our containers are tested and repaired in accordance with international regulations.

Frequently asked questions

  • The average delivery window is 3-7 business days from the moment the order has been placed and and the payment is received by our bank.

  • This means the container has no cracks or holes, the floor is in good condition and that the door seals are tight enough to keep out any wind or water.

    If you were to stand inside the container with the doors closed, you should not see any light. It is important to get a WWT container to keep the goods you plan to store inside secure from weather elements.

  • Unfortunately, it is not possible to choose the color of a used container.

    Used containers are stored in large, packed depots and high stacks. These stacks are built up of the same type of container and with different kinds of colors. When your container is taken from the stack, it will be the first one available.

  • The container floors are constructed with marine-grade plywood, providing durability and moisture resistance. The floor features steel cross members, wooden floor joists, and treated plywood sheets.

  • A 20ft shipping container is 140.3 sq ft internal and 159 sq ft external.

    A 40ft standard or high cube shipping container is 304.6 sq ft internal and 320 sq ft external.

How can we help?

We are available between 8 AM and 8 PM (EST) to help you purchase your next container.

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Prepare for a smooth delivery

Please consider the following points to ensure a hassle-free container delivery.

  1. Accessible delivery location

    The truck needs adequate space of at least 12ft wide to easily access your location.

  2. Firm ground

    Make sure that the ground is hard, providing a stable surface for the truck and container.

  3. Flat surface

    Due to the tilt bed delivery, placing a container on an incline is not possible.

  4. Free of obstructions

    Allow of enough space in front of the container for the truck to drive away, a length of 3x your container

About Eveon

We are a global provider of used shipping containers. Sustainability is one of our main priorities and the drive for a sustainable business model has led us to focus on only giving decommissioned shipping containers a second life. This is our way of reducing CO2-emissions related to the production of new shipping containers. Our container quality guarantee ensures all containers sold are subject to our strict requirements so you can buy used shipping containers with confidence.

  • Guaranteed availability

    All published stock has a guaranteed availability and can be delivered by your chosen date.

  • Container quality guarantee

    We guarantee the quality of all containers sold. This way you can purchase used containers with confidence!

  • Outstanding service

    Personal and outstanding customer service for each container you buy.