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Eveon Containers Inc. proudly selects Charleston, SC for their North American Headquarters!

Global startup shaking up the way containers are purchased sets North American headquarters


    November 14, 2022, Charleston, SC – Eveon Containers Inc. is proud to announce they selected the Lowcountry as their North American headquarters. A global provider of sustainable building, shipping, and storage solutions, Eveon has European headquarters in Rotterdam, Netherlands, and operations in Germany and Canada. The company, which launched in the US with three hubs in the summer of 2021, is experiencing rapid growth reflective of the demand for sustainable online container options. Eveon can now provide decommissioned containers from 30 nationwide hubs.

    The privately held start-up sells decommissioned 20ft, 40ft & 40ft HC High Cube shipping containers online, hoping to change the way consumers looking for storage needs or transportation for goods perceive the Conex dry box. Generally ignored as they rumble down the highway, Eveon’s goal is for consumers to give these used steel and wood containers a second life on land. Shipping containers are available for purchase 24/7 online with delivery available within a few hundred miles of each of the 30 hubs across the country.

    “We don’t just sell containers, we sell opportunities for customers to launch a business, start a pop-up restaurant, or simply save money on storage,” said Eveon CEO, Aad Storm. “With 45 million containers in the world, our goal is to recycle, repurpose and reduce emissions one container at a time. We believe these containers once retired from sea, can serve another purpose on land.”

    Launched in 2019, the global start-up sees the coastal city of Charleston as an ideal match both professionally and culturally. While 4,262 miles apart, Charleston and Rotterdam share many unique similarities including being steeped in history, having a reputation for being friendly, and both thriving port cities. Eveon’s native country of The Netherlands, or Nederland in Dutch, literally translates as “Low Land” or “Lowcountry.”

    “Rotterdam is the tenth largest port in the world and like Charleston, our economy and business environment depend on the waterways. Being near the port and on east coast times are both logical moves for Eveon,” Storm noted.

    Eveon has already begun operating out of Charleston, continuing best-of-class sourcing and delivery of containers across the country within 5-10 business days. As part of its US expansion, it has filled local Marketing & Communications, Customer Service, and Logistics positions both locally within Charleston and nationally.

    “We want customers to find our business as warm and approachable as the ‘Holy City.’ We look forward to what the future entails and bringing a little of the Charleston way and approachability to our global brand. As we expand across the country, we can’t think of a better city for our US team to call home.”

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