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Create a shipping container pool

Keen on creating a shipping container pool from our containers at Eveon Inc.? Look no further than our range of used shipping containers that can be reused according to your desired purpose. Shipping container pools are up-and-coming — containers can generally be reused for a range of different purposes, including pop-up medical clinics, low-cost housing, on-site construction offices, and more.

    Shipping Container Pool
    Shipping Container Pool

    Nowadays, shipping container pools are hip and happening. Traditionally, swimming pools were constructed extensively depending on the type of pool at hand. Some reinforced concrete pools are created using steel poles and pouring concrete into a form that solidifies almost like a mold. On the other hand, fiberglass pools have an entirely different structure designed in one piece made from polyester, allowing for various creative shapes and designs. Some pools are also made using a modular structure where walls are constructed at the base of the pool in an excavated hole. All these pools — together with shipping container pools — have pros and cons.

    Shipping container pool types

    When it comes to shipping container pools, you’re restricted to a rectangular design, but you do, on the other hand, have flexibility regarding the size of the container or soon-to-be pool!

    For example, if you want a very long, deep pool — ideal for laps — you could opt for a [40ft high cube] container( Or, if you’d prefer a smaller, shallower pool, a standard 20ft shipping container could be ideal! You can read about the different available sizes for shipping containers in our post titled: What are the dimensions of a shipping container?

    Consequently, you’ll need to consider the placement of your pool — whether it will be above the ground on a concrete or gravel surface or in the ground or sunken to align with a deck or floor, for instance.

    Main pros of a shipping container pool

    Cost is a major selling point when installing a shipping container pool. Such pools are cheaper than more conventional pool options. This is also because you can purchase a used container from the get-go, which will even further reduce the price compared to purchasing a new container.

    Additionally, you don’t necessarily need a huge hole in the ground to fit your container pool. You can easily place the container pool on a solid gravel or concrete surface for a more industrial, standalone look. Alternatively, if you want a sunken container, you can get a modification company to build the container in alignment with a deck, for instance.

    The sky’s the limit, and should you have a bigger budget, you can consider more extensive modifications like jets, integrated staircases, or even splash decks. You can even merge two or more containers should you want a really big pool; in that case, you are not limited to the size of one standard container. Sure, you are specifically limited to a rectangular shape, but there is a range of highly interesting modification options to ensure you personalize the look and feel of your container.

    Next, using a used container as a shipping container pool is a huge sustainability plus since so many containers are lying unused in dockyards across the globe, and this can give them a new lease on life.

    Ball in a pool

    Added to this, shipping container swimming pools can easily be moved. Due to their modular nature, they can easily be transported, lifted with a crane, and moved to another location on a truck — great if you’re planning on moving numerous times or if you want a pool for business use that may need moving.

    And suppose you’re planning on using this pool for your family. In that case, you may want to consider a pool above the ground, especially if the safety of younger family members is concerned, since this may eradicate the need for a fence or gate.

    Another selling point of these pools is that they are particularly durable, lasting decades if well-maintained. The lining of the pool may very well need to be replaced earlier, but this depends on the type of lining used and its quality. Depending on the modification company, such pools can also be set up extremely quickly — sometimes within a day or so.

    Lastly, a major selling point of a shipping container pool is its trendy, industrial look and feel, which is just so popular now. You can dress the look up or down — make it more rustic or traditional with a weathered-look pool deck and sunken pool, or you can be on-trend and have the container pool literally stand out, with possibilities for a window and various industrial-looking elements.

    DIY shipping container pool

    Creating a shipping container pool can mean your very own DIY project. Once you’ve got your container at hand, you need to research relevant container modification companies who can support you in your project.

    Are you considering building your very own shipping container pool? We advise you always to call a modification company for advice.

    The following points are some common things to take into consideration when you want to modify your container as a pool:

    • Check where you intend to place the container pool and make the necessary measurements.
    • Ensure you check with a civil engineer about the possibility of setting up a shipping container pool on that specific land and any associated risks or considerations.
    • Ensure the actual container purchase (from Eveon Containers Inc. or another container provider) and wait for the delivery of your container upon payment.
    • Upon the arrival of your container, check for any defaults or discrepancies in the product description and ISO requirements.
    • If all ok, you’re good to go and can start lining your container (research options such as having a steel plate to ensure waterproofing, wooden paneling, etc.)
    • Include various plumbing and electrical features as with a fiberglass pool, i.e., filters and pumps; or electricity supply.

    All of the above influences the price and links to the next question: how much is a shipping container pool?

    Shipping container pool — cost

    A huge plus of a shipping container pool is the price. Shipping container pools are generally a lot cheaper than the other types of pools mentioned above. That’s because they come in a modular shape and are easy to install and modify. You can also purchase a used container to lower the costs even further.

    The cost of a shipping container pool can vary depending on factors such as the size of the container, the location, the modifications you want, and the installation process. On average, a shipping container pool can cost between $10,000 and $50,000, depending on these factors. Keep in mind that the cost of a shipping container pool will also depend on whether you use a new or used container, and whether you purchase or rent the container.

    In sum, we advise you to do as much research as possible when trying to answer the question of how much is a shipping container.

    Q&A about shipping container pools

    Are shipping container pools durable and long-lasting?

    Shipping container pools are generally very durable and long-lasting, as they are made using strong, corrosion-resistant materials. If properly maintained, a shipping container pool can last for decades. However, it is important to follow the manufacturer's recommendations for maintaining and repairing your shipping container pool to ensure its longevity.

    How do I maintain a shipping container pool?

    Maintaining a shipping container pool involves the following tasks:

    • Regularly test and adjust the pH and chlorine levels of the water to ensure it is clean and safe to swim in.
    • Clean the pool and surrounding area regularly to remove debris and prevent algae growth.
    • Replace the pool liner and other equipment as needed to ensure they are functioning properly.
    • Repair any damage to the pool or equipment as soon as it is discovered to prevent further issues.
    • Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for maintaining and repairing the pool and equipment.

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