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Eveon is the leading global online provider of sustainable building, storage and shipping solutions. We believe in helping the environment by repurposing used containers instead of selling new ones.


    Welcome to Eveon

    Launched in Germany in 2020, Eveon Containers would forever modernize the shipping and storage industry. With decades of experience and knowledge in the shipping and container sector, it was evident that the old ways of executing transactions was costly and inefficient. There was room for improvement within the industry that included advances in the way containers were sourced, purchased and used.

    Disrupters in an otherwise opaque industry, Eveon brought the advantages of the digital world to the container market. Now offering customers innovative building, shipping and storage solutions worldwide would set the new standard in container retail - creatively, digitally, sustainably, ethically!

    Selling only pre-owned shipping containers 24/7 online via a fast, convenient, automated delivery process at a competitive price. It's as easy as picking whether you want 20ft, 40ft or 40ft High Cube container, paying online, and preparing for the delivery.

    With US headquarters based in Charleston, South Carolina, and receiving depots worldwide, Eveon is committed to reducing the worlds CO2 emissions, providing 100% guaranteed quality product, human-centric customer service, all at a fair market price.

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