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Eveon's convenient online webshop provides 24/7 purchasing options, used 20ft & 40ft shipping containers, transparent pricing & fast delivery. Our decommissioned shipping containers have reliably shipped goods across the ocean and now ready to help you with all your sustainable building, shipping and storage solutions. Eveon proudly offers three universal shipping container sizes (20ft & 40ft standard & 40ft High Cube- all ISO certified.

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We all know that finding a shipping container at a price that suits your budget can be difficult — especially in today’s multifaceted online marketplace. Added to that, are the complexities of the actual purchasing process of shipping containers and the various quotes you need to get to determine the best possible price. There’s a lot of hidden work in this process. The lack of availability of containers globally and major geopolitical events at play can influence the cost of containers. That’s why, at Eveon Containers, we provide you with the very best used shipping containers for sale globally, at the best price, and at your fingertips! No more cold calling to get leads or navigating unknown websites. Our transparent and efficient sales process is something we are truly proud of. Now with the click of a button you can pick, purchase and pay for your container.

  • Dimensions of our shipping containers

    At Eveon Containers, we have three key shipping container dimensions: 20ft shipping container 40ft shipping container 40ft high cube shipping container These are standard shipping container sizes available globally and conforming to international standards such as ISO, TIR, CSC, and UIC.

  • The cost of a used shipping container at Eveon Containers

    What you see is what you get at Eveon Containers! No quotes are necessary. All prices for our shipping containers for sale are directly indicated on our website. There are no hidden costs; everything is transparent and we keep you informed in the process of your order.

  • 30-day Money-Back Guarantee

    We proudly offer a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee if for any reason our containers do not live up to your expectations. Click here to read more.


What is the quality of our shipping container for sale?

Eveon Containers strives to provide the very best quality when it comes to used shipping containers for sale. Specifically, we meet all ISO criteria when it comes to repairing our freight containers and ensuring they meet a universal quality standard.

Our containers have traveled the world, they are not pretty, but durable, functional and wind and water tight.

Our shipping containers conform to the above mentioned international standards such as: ISO, TIR, CSC, UIC.

And our reviews speak for themselves. We use Trustpilot to capture comments from our our customers across the globe!

Can I buy a new shipping container from Eveon Containers?

Due to our commitment to reducing the world's CO2 Emissions, we don't currently offer new containers. We believe in recycle, repurposing and rehoming existing inventory across the globe. We do so by repairing containers instead of selling new ones. By purchasing used shipping containers there isn’t any extra waste since manufacturers do not need to use any materials to build new containers or use energy to dispose of them. This also eradicates the need for containers to be unnecessarily dumped because they can easily be re-vamped, re-sold, and re-used no matter what their location.

At Eveon Containers, we aim to change the nature of the container shipping game! Read more about our dedication to sustainability.

Where can I buy a shipping container?

Buying a shipping container has never been easier. In the past, the procedure for buying a container was complex with multiple hidden steps which one needed to navigate. At Eveon Containers, we now make it very easy to buy an intermodal freight container, taking the pain out of finding the right product.

We provide all details about our shipping containers — no matter your location — and on a single website. You’ll be able to see all intermodal containers available in your area or where you need them right now. All you need to do is search for shipping containers for sale near me to find the latest deals.

Want to speak to someone personally about our shipping containers for sale? Feel free to drop us a line. You’re also welcome to read more about our Eveon's Customer Service Satisfaction & Guarantee — 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.