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Eveon Containers expands available container supply to Port of Long Beach and other national hubs

Eveon never stops and with the addition of Long Beach we are already in 10 different cities across the United States.


    Eveon Containers, the first and fully digital commercial container shopping platform, continues its expansion and supply of available dry van containers in four critical trading hubs: Long Beach, CA, Miami, FL, Norfolk, VA, and Columbus, OH. This expands Eveon’s availability to ten coast-to-coast trading and shipping hubs across the U.S. for mainland use at a time when the global supply chain has trickled practically to a standstill.

    "Eveon provides access to a portion of the commercial used containers" said Aad Storm, Eveon’s founder and CEO. "Unfortunately, despite the impressive efforts put in place to address the problem, there is a perception that this supply chain backlog isn’t going to see any substantial reduction in the coming months. "Those needing to store or transport products or supplies within the country have to pivot to more efficient and guaranteed methods of fulfillment on dry land. Eveon solves multiple challenges for them: immediate availability of wind and watertight containers, end-to-end fulfillment on U.S. soil, and a digital platform with transparently listed pricing. On top of this, cargo worthy containers with CSC certificates will be available as well soon for export purposes."

    While containers are a fundamental piece of the global economy and used to transport equipment and goods, the common process of procuring containers is old-fashioned, not digitized and the market is very opaque. Product prices are not readily available with traditional dealers; they’re either not published or prospective customers need to manually submit a written query or call someone to begin the purchase process. This leads to two major problems: incomplete cost comparison between potential suppliers and an unknown, dramatically lengthened purchase time with the customer unsure whether they paid a fair price in the end.

    Eveon readily offers three dry van container variants for storage or local transportation needs: 20-ft, 40-ft, and a 40-ft High Cube, all ISO-compliant and wind and watertight. Customers will be able to immediately see product and transportation costs on Eveon’s site during their shopping process, including volume discounts.

    Customers can choose whether they want to collect the container themselves the next working day after payment, speeding up the process. Eveon also offers a regional delivery service with an independent trucking service with available delivery persons that allows customers to have a container delivered in 3-10 days within a varying radius of 150-350 miles of area per region. Customers wanting to confirm delivery zones can find details on Eveon’s site. An American, New Jersey based customer service team is also available and can be reached via chat, email and phone.

    “We’re a 100 percent digitally native supplier enabling companies to buy containers directly from our online shop and have them delivered without needing to waste time on a prior quote or inquiry,” continued Aad. “Everything is listed on the site for efficient transactions.”