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With a little help from a used container, the Pattersons move in search of a more affordable future...

'Inside The Box' with Todd Patterson


    The average person in the United States is expected to move 11.4 times in their lifetime. Whether you are moving down the road or across the country, logistically and financially, it is a challenging time. So, when we heard that Todd Patterson purchased a 40ft HC to help him navigate a 160-mile relocation from Chicago to the remote countryside of Indiana, we were eager to learn more.

    According to the US Census, 31 million people moved in 2019. Nearly 10% of the population was looking to move up, move out, or move on. In the case of Mr. Patterson his family had grown weary of the day-to-day grind of the city, so they made the decision to relocate to simplify their life.

    Hoping to consolidate their possessions, save money and prepare for the relocation, Todd started exploring storage locations in his future hometown. He was introduced to the Eveon Containers website and started reading about some of the benefits of using a decommissioned shipping container as opposed to fixed traditional storage units. He checked out the Ecommerce site, put in his new zip code and compared numbers to see if owning versus renting was the best option for his family. 

    "The thought of having extra storage onsite was appealing and not having to drive to a unit thirty miles away was a motivating factor in our decision to purchase from Eveon," Patterson added.

    "Buying a used shipping container from Eveon Containers made sense." Todd Patterson adds.

    The family of three is among a growing number of people who are trading in the monthly offsite storage fees to explore sustainable, mobile storage options. With roughly 38% of Americans currently using self-storage, shipping containers have grown in popularity as a personal and business solution for those who need extra space to store belongings.

    Financially there are a number of advantages to purchasing a long-term sustainable storage solution. The average 20ft x 10ft storage unit in the US rents for $280 per month or $3,360 per year. Throughout most of the US, you can own a 20ft shipping container that would provide decades of sustainable building, storage and shipping solutions for less than the yearly rates.

    Eveon is committed to selling used containers, instead of new ones. Providing 20ft and 40ft boxes that formerly transported package goods across the ocean, a second chance as land-based storage and shipping solutions for families like the Pattersons.

    “The container looked exactly as it was described on the website. It certainly would never be described as pretty. It had a few scratches and rust from its previous life at sea and some dents from being handled by the port cranes, but otherwise it was perfect. It’s highly functional and offers convenient onsite storage without us having to drive.”

    “We live down a long narrow half-mile driveway. I was a little worried about the driver navigating the snowy conditions with the 40ft container in tow, but the driver was awesome. He placed it on the property without any hesitation. We are now in the process of outfitting the 40ft container with more shelving and storage for my family.”

    Thanks, Todd, for trusting Eveon Containers with your personal items! To see if owning a shipping container versus renting a monthly storage unit makes sense for you, visit