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Shipping containers for architecture & engineering

These days, shipping containers can be used for much more than just storage. They can be turned into offices, homes and more.


    Shipping containers are used for more than just storage. They are increasingly being used in architecture and design. Our low-cost pricing makes containers affordable for any budget, and they can be customized.

    In recent years, containers for architecture and engineering have become more popular due to their strength, availability and low cost. Considered eco-friendly, they can be customized to fit any specifications. The use of these containers in engineering reduces the need for traditional building materials such as lumber.

    Our shipping containers can be used for the following architecture and engineering applications:

    • Office Space
    • Homes
    • Restaurants
    • Emergency medical facilities and hospitals
    • Rest Rooms
    • Retail
    • Shelters
    • And more

    Since these containers are modular, they all have the same dimensions and can easily be combined into larger structures, either horizontally or vertically.

    Eveon offers 20 ft, 40 ft and 40 ft high cube containers for all your architecture and engineering needs.

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    Please note that Eveon does not customize containers.