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Shipping containers for education

Shipping containers are great way to add additional space to schools or store gym equipment. See how Eveon Containers has the right storage solutions for your educational needs.


    Shipping containers are a low-cost way to add storage to school grounds. Their benefit is that they offer a secure space to store just about anything.

    School storage containers have several benefits including:

    • Sports equipment
    • Furniture
    • Maintenance supplies
    • Electronics
    • Books
    • And more…

    Another great use for shipping containers is additional classroom space. Schools recently have been purchasing containers and making classrooms out of them as either an addition to an existing structure or as a stand-alone building.

    Containers for school storage range from our 20 foot to 40 foot containers. We also offer 40 foot high cube containers for larger requirements.

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    Please note: Eveon does not make these kinds of changes to containers.