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The people behind Eveon Containers - Sven Vlasblom: The man with containers in his blood

Our team is as diverse as our container customers. That's why we're introducing them here. Our Supply Chain Manager is an example of how you can be in a business for 30 years and still retain lateral thinking.


    Every container business needs someone with the container business in his blood – even if we do everything differently than the others. For us, that's Sven. "Of course, we need people who know about online stores and marketing, no question about it. But someone also has to take care of the containers," is how he sums it up. Sven Vlasblom is our Supply Chain Manager, which means in simple terms that his job is to ensure that we always have containers available for our customers to buy. Obviously, this involves quite a few responsibilities, from organizing new depots for our containers to managing our customer service – which means he is also available at all times for questions regarding container logistics.

    "I'm a critical spirit and, at a company like Eveon Containers, that's a good thing. After all, it's important to be able to question things and to discover new ways of doing things."

    A container career with a few detours

    Although Sven wasn't born into the container business, his first job was with a shipping company, where he organized container logistics. Malicious tongues might claim that little has changed since then, since he is doing the same thing today. But, of course, there were other stops along the way in Sven's career: He has worked for manufacturers of medical technology equipment or for an automotive supplier that built filters. "But, at some point, I was itching to do something with containers again. So when the opportunity to start at Eveon Containers came along, I took it."

    "Thanks to digitization, we're creating something completely new."

    "I've been in the somewhat conservative container business for 30 years and am now introducing a whole new lease on life in the market. With the digitalization of the industry, we are creating something completely new," says Sven. When he talks about his job, his enthusiasm is evident. Currently, the greatest challenge for him is to always have enough containers in the depot. The container market is a difficult one – but nothing Sven can't handle. But anyone who thinks the man is one-dimensional with only this one area of interest is very much mistaken.

    Sven at work at a container depot

    A critical mind

    Sven realized early on that it is good for someone in his profession to have broad knowledge and not become too specialized. He still believes this to this very day. In his private life, he is also interested in the writers of antiquity and even wants to learn Latin, so that he can scrutinize the translations. "I'm a critical spirit," Sven says about himself. "At a company like Eveon Containers, that's a good thing. After all, it's important to be able to question things and to discover new ways of doing things."