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Historic inn close to Joshua Tree National Park welcomes soulful travelers and weathered containers…

'Inside The Box' with the iconic 29 Palms Inn


    Just forty minutes from Palm Springs and 2.5 hours from Los Angeles, you will find an oasis tucked away in the desert, enveloped in palms, family memories, and stories. An escape for those who need to lose themselves…or find themselves in wilderness.

    While traveling is good for the soul, so is family, making roots and settling down for a bit. Like the many weary travelers that have found rest at 29 Palms Inn, we recently heard that two Eveon containers had been delivered to their forever home in the high desert of California. There was something poetic and ironic about the Conex boxes that had spent their lives working at sea, retiring in the Mojave Desert, miles away from salt water. We needed to learn more...

    Just like a decommissioned shipping container, the 29 Palms Inn close to Joshua Tree National Park shows signs of a life of service, has a patina from the unforgiving desert sun and is steeped in history. Adjacent to nearly two million acres of wilderness, the inn and restaurant have been in the Grunt family for five generations and date back to the 1920’s. Current residents and stewards of the iconic artist retreat are Heidi Grunt and her children.

    The pristine family property hosts weddings, corporate events, an organic garden, and live music nightly. Resembling a California mission bungalow or adobe, each of the 25 rooms have their own unique features and spirit. All are functional and welcoming of people’s comings and goings. They have names like Apache Plum, Buffalo Burr, Chinchweed and Irene’s Adobe. Guests can choose to daydream, hike, swim, visit the 29 Palms Art Gallery or just escape in the wildness of the environment.

    When Heidi and her family aren’t greeting guests and planning events, they are busy with property maintenance and an endless ‘Honey Do’ list associated with the family heirloom.

    As a sustainable business, when the family was in search of more storage and a hydroponic garden to support the restaurant on the property, Eveon’s commitment to repurposing decommissioned containers, opposed to selling new ones, was aligned with the Inn’s core values and mission.

    “We easily sourced and purchased the two 20ft shipping containers online from Eveon. Both in the process of being modified for extra storage onsite. We are excited to install solar panels to the roof to help lower our carbon emissions at 29 Palms.” Ms. Grunt adds.

    Upon wrapping up with Heidi, we thanked her for choosing to purchase two decommissioned containers from Eveon and providing them with a second life on her family’s land. Grunt added without hesitation...

    “We take great pride in preserving what this place was and what it has been over the years. The best things we have here at 29 Palms Inn, are the oldest. They were built to last.”

    If you’re looking for a unique inn with amenities that include a starry sky, peace and quiet and letting your imagination run wild, make sure to book a bungalow at California’s 29 Palms Inn.