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40ft High Cube

The 40ft HC (40’x 8 x 9.6’) is ideal for temporary storage solutions, backyard pools, container homes, etc. The condition of your 40ft HC Shipping Container will vary and be reflective of the container’s previous life at sea. Please note the 40ft HC will require more room to be delivered and placed. The 40ft shipping container is great for those in search of more storage, building and shipping solutions that hold more volume.

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40ft high cube container

Order a 40ft high cube container with only a few clicks at an affordable price from Newark and Baltimore. All published stock has 100% guaranteed availability. Eveon currently delivers within a 350-mile radius around Cincinnati and Cleveland and a 300-mile radius around Chicago, Jacksonville, Miami, Oakland, and Savannah. Eveon also delivers within a 250-mile radius around Columbus, Long Beach, Newark, and Norfolk and a 150-mile radius around Baltimore. More locations will follow soon.