About us

Eveon is the leading global online provider of used shipping containers. We believe in reducing our environmental footprint by repurposing decommissioned containers, instead of selling new ones.


    Welcome to Eveon, an industry pioneer providing used shipping container solutions. Founded in Europe in 2019, our team of experts and innovators has extensive experience and knowledge in the shipping and container sector. Recognizing the limitations of traditional purchasing and sourcing methods, we set out to revolutionize and modernize the industry.

    While many just see the container as just a metal box, generally ignored as it rumbles by you on the highway, we see the used container as an opportunity for our customers to launch a business, ship a car, and reduce their storage budget or help the environment. Through our commitment to digital innovation and modernizing the industry, we are now able to offer our customers sustainable building, shipping, and storage solutions at competitive prices, delivered directly to their door, with just the click of a button.

    With US headquarters in Charleston, SC, and receiving depots worldwide, Eveon is dedicated to reducing the world's CO2 emissions. Selling and repurposing used shipping containers all while providing exceptional customer service.

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