Digital is good, personal customer contact is better

Sometimes first impressions are deceptive: At first, Marcel Doneth, one of our first customers, was not convinced by us. But what happened next changed his mind on the spot.


    Actually, everything went smoothly right from the start. Marcel Doneth is the operator of an online store for hunting supplies. He sells everything from shoulder straps and ammunition storage to equipment for service dogs and night vision equipment for police forces and even special units. For the storage of his electrical equipment, Mr. Doneth now wanted to purchase a container. During his research, he came across Eveon Containers. After comparing prices with others, he ordered directly from the online store.

    The delivery was quick and soon the container was on his doorstep. But then Mr. Doneth was disappointed. He had ordered a new container - without knowing that "new" means that the container had already been on a sea voyage. It was also not as well prepared as Eveon claims: scratches in the paint were not sufficiently repaired. Mr. Doneth rightly vented his anger in an online review.

    Making customers not only satisfied, but happy

    "But what happened afterwards really made a lasting impression on me!" says Mr. Doneth today. A young company like Eveon thrives on making customers not only satisfied, but happy. So our Managing Director Aad Storm took the journey and drove from Rotterdam to near Memmingen to see for himself what was happening. Mr. Doneth comments, "After all, I'm a general manager myself and I know how difficult it is to balance customer service and profit."

    A conversation at eye level

    So the two entrepreneurs strike up a conversation. As one of Eveon's first customers, he has yet to experience the teething troubles of Eveon's business process. But for Aad Storm, this is also an important source of inspiration on how improvements can be made: Today, there is better quality control of the containers, and the website does a better job of explaining the condition of the containers that are being delivered.

    "I can count on really good customer service."

    In the end, Aad Storm offers a discount, simply so Marcel Doneth can feel good about seeing his container in the future. "That wouldn't have been necessary at all. Just having the CEO of Eveon show up at my door was enough to convince me," Mr. Donet said, "Just the ease of the ordering process was special. With the competition, I had to wait two weeks for a quote. With Eveon, I could order directly. For that reason alone, I would order from Eveon again any time. Now add to that the fact that I know: if there are any problems, I can count on really good customer service. I can recommend Eveon Containers with a clear conscience."

    At Eveon, we are now happy to have one more happy customer, and we are glad that Mr. Doneth found a container for his needs.