Eveon meets its customers! The Wagner Brass Foundry.

We recently had the opportunity to ask Mr. Richard Gurrieri a few questions about the company he works for, the Wagner Brass Foundry, and his experience of buying one of our containers.

Based in Chicago, Wagner Brass Foundry is a small, family-owned, non-ferrous foundry that was established in 1941 by Otto Wagner, the grandfather of the current President, Richard Wagner. The company deals with the creation of various objects in metal alloys such as religious artifacts, life-sized statues, machine parts and gears and furniture pieces.

The pillars on which this small foundry is founded include the quality of the products created, the value and a high level of customer service. "We strive to make every customer feel like they're the most important customer we have,” said Mr Gurrieri.

Wagner Brass Foundry was looking for a container that would free up space in one of the factory's key locations, and when Mr. Gurrieri began his search on the Internet, he was attracted by Eveon Containers' particularly attractive pricing.

While we are entering international markets in 2021, we’re inherently a European company, and it is essential for us to be able to offer a service that can break down any kind of barrier. Our American-based customer service was able to respond promptly and resolve any doubts our client may have had about the exact dimensions, but more importantly, the condition of the container he would receive.

The purchase and delivery process went so smoothly that when we asked Mr. Gurrieri how he would describe it, the answer made us proud and smile: "To be honest, it went so smoothly that I was concerned it might be less than legit! If I had a need, I would certainly buy again from Eveon and I've already referred Eveon to a friend!"

We put a strong focus behind our customers' satisfaction, we’re an international team of passionate people who work hard every day to make buying a container as easy as buying a pair of shoes.

Finally, with Mr. Gurrieri we also discussed the current supply chain situation and the period of great economic uncertainty due to the pandemic. The main challenge that Wagner Brass Foundry is facing at the moment is extremely different from those you can imagine; in fact the greatest difficulty for them is to find skilled workers willing to join their team.

It was a pleasure for us to have had the opportunity to learn more about Wagner Brass Foundry and we look forward to having you read more stories from our customers!