The People Behind Eveon Containers - Paul Rombouts: The online entrepreneur in the company

A purely digital online store for containers needs people who think purely digitally, people who have grown up in the digital world and enjoy all the possibilities of the digital world. Eveon found just that person in Paul Rombouts.

"I wasn't particularly a good student until I discovered online marketing," Paul recalls and laughs. Online marketing is where the 29-year-old discovered his passion. While studying, he developed his first business model based on affiliate marketing. He created a page that described a specific pair of Ronaldo's soccer shoes, rated them and then provided links to sales partners. Thanks to search engine optimization (SEO), the page ended up high in Google's rankings. As a result, many users find their way to Paul's site, click on a link to a sales partner and buy the shoes, which cost around 300 euros. Paul receives ten percent commission for each pair sold. Not bad side income for a student.

The container business finds the online marketer

So, Paul began earning money in his sleep for the first time and was fascinated by what he could achieve in the online world thanks to his search engine expertise. "I had 10,000 visitors a month to my site and received emails in the middle of the night that I had earned money. It's a fantastic feeling!" Paul tells us. "As a student, it was great, but not lucrative enough to live on." At this point, you may be thinking: How does such a savvy digital native and online marketing nerd end up in the container business? In fact, it's more like the container business found Paul.

First of all, Paul makes his living at a digital agency working with other online experts for various clients. He develops SEO strategies and helps his customers, some of whom are not particularly digitally savvy, to gain a foothold using the new online forms of advertising. Through a mutual contact, Paul ultimately attracted the attention of Eveon – but he actually had other plans at the time.

Establishment as a side project

In addition to his involvement in the agency, Paul is establishing his own company. "It was already my dream in college to do my own thing," says Paul. So, he teamed up with two friends and they started their own online marketing agency. But this is by no means an obstacle to working at Eveon. A solution has been found so that Paul can run his own company while still supporting Eveon's online store in its growth with a whole lot of marketing know-how. A win-win situation.

"This is only the beginning"

"I still find it fascinating that we're actually selling containers through an online store," laughs Paul, "For our first customer, which we acquired through Google Ads, we paid under one euro for the click. And this person immediately bought five containers. So, online marketing is also loads of fun!" And that's exactly how it should be.

Eveon has big plans: Within two and a half years, Eveon wants to be available in not only one country, but globally. "I've always been very ambitious. When I work on something, I want it to be successful," says Paul, "We have very ambitious goals here and that motivates me to keep going and stay focused. Since I've been involved from the very start, Eveon is also close to my heart. Soon we will be expanding further and conquering new markets. This is only the beginning."