Shipping containers for construction

Shipping containers are a great way to quickly build safe office space on any construction site.


    Contractors are partial to shipping containers because they are a great way of quickly adding additional storage space or office space to a jobsite. And every crew needs a base of operations, especially a safe one.

    Besides office space, storage is another priority. Whether it’s to store personal belongings or equipment, our containers are designed to withstand all types of weather and can protect your property.

    Our containers can also be used for the following construction applications:

    • Office space
    • Meeting rooms
    • Break rooms
    • Storage
    • And more

    Our containers can be stacked, allowing you to better use the space you have, especially if your construction site has limited space.

    Shipping containers are customizable and highly durable to meet your needs. They make perfect additions to any jobsite.

    Eveon offers 20 ft, 40 ft and 40 ft high cube containers for all your construction needs.

    You don’t need a quote, so order your shipping container today!

    Please note that Eveon does not customize containers.