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Eveon's founder, Aad Storm on embracing change in the shipping industry!

A disrupter in the container business, Eveon only sells used containers with a transparent pricing structure and automated delivery options.


    Aad Storm has never been afraid to follow his heart or think outside the box. An innovative digital marketer and experienced executive in the shipping container business, he embraced the dynamics of change, knowing that it is often the catalyst for growth and progress. When Storm envisioned a more efficient, transparent and sustainable container industry, he assembled a like-minded team to launch Eveon, an innovative, customer-centric, cost-effective, 100% digital business that only sells used containers.

    A disrupter in the container business, Eveon only sells used containers with transparent pricing structure and automated delivery options. Offering competitive prices and full transparency makes buying a container as easy as picking, paying and preparing for delivery.

    The founder of the eco-friendly business is as passionate about the planet as Eveon’s customers. Entrepreneur by day and musician by night, Storm witnessed the lack of customer interaction among growing companies. Dissatisfied by this business trend, he put together a talented team with the goal of launching a global container company that is tech-savvy, planet-friendly and human-friendly.

    Two years later, amid the challenges of the health crisis, Eveon Containers has operations in Germany, the United States and Canada, with more countries to follow. This development confirms Storm’s instincts that the market was ready for change and that an e-commerce platform could be beneficial for both customers and the environment.

    Eveon’s passion for operating a sustainable start-up is as sincere as their appreciation for their product and customers. “To weather the seas in stormy conditions, a container must be strong. Navigating the ups and downs of launching a company during the health crisis pushed us to be as tough as a container and progressive enough to see the next wave coming. Our team and business insights are much stronger for enduring both.”

    Along with reducing the world’s CO2 emissions and remaining flexible, accountability and transparency are vital to the Dutch company’s day-to-day culture.

    “If it’s broken, we’ll fix it. If the delivery isn’t perfect, we’ll own up to it. Customer service and container life are top priorities. Since elements can be harsh for containers, it was imperative for Eveon to offer a 100% guarantee on all containers sold. Transparency from price to delivery benefits our clients, our team and the truckers we work with. Eveon understands that time is a commodity in both life and work. Like a natural resource, we don’t want to waste it. This human-centric and transparent way of working is not an industry standard, but then again, neither are we.”

    The rusting steel shipping container, invented by American entrepreneur Malcom Mclean in 1956 was designed as a wind and watertight shipping vessel to easily move goods. Generally ignored as they rumble down the highway, containers are tangible objects with a soul and a purpose. Each product sold is an opportunity for a customer to launch a business, build a home, save money on storage, or ship products that were once part of their dreams.

    “In the last two years, our talented team of digital solutions experts has developed a reliable and easy-to-use e-commerce platform. Eveon’s process works well, and our customers are happy. We’re really excited about what the future has in store for us. As we adapt to feedback, listen to the needs of our trucking partners and stay open to customers’ imaginations, we forge ahead with optimism. We’ll continue to look for and improve inefficiencies in our business model, reduce shipping times and enhance the Eveon customer experience. This gives our customers more time to think outside the box, too.”