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40ft Shipping Container

Need a 40ft shipping container for your business and quick? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. At Eveon Containers we stock a range of containers all across the United States and Canada in three universal sizes.

What sets us apart from others? We sell high-quality, used shipping containers conforming to ISO quality standards, with transparent prices all at the click of a button and with no hidden or additional costs. With no minimums, you can pick, pay and prepare for your container with the click of the button.

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40’ Shipping Container dimensions and weight

Our 40ft shipping containers for sale are available in both Standard and High Cube size variations. What does this mean exactly? Basically, the overall sizing of the Standard and High Cube versions differs. The latter is better suited to objects that are higher or that require a forklift to move.

If you’re unsure about whether the size of our 40’ Conex container is right for you, feel free to check out our 20ft container to make a comparison. You can also learn more about the sizing of containers in our post on how many pallets fit in a 40-container.

When it comes to choosing the size of a container, our advice is — as always — carefully calculate the size and weight of the goods you want to store before purchasing.

Specifically, our 40’ containers have the following standard dimensions:

40' length / 8' width / 8'6” height.

On the other hand, the high cube version has the following, slightly different exterior dimensions (specifically in terms of height):

40’ length / 8’ width / 9’6’’ height.

Note that we’ll always indicate the exact dimensions of our containers on each of our product pages so you need not be worried.

The costs of a 40ft Shipping Container for sale

The costs of a Conex container can vary dramatically and depends on a range of factors. This makes purchasing a container extremely tricky and one needs to take into account the complexity of the marketplace.

Unlike our competitors, there are no hidden costs and what you see is what you get — a total gamechanger for our industry! All costs per container can be found on our shipping containers for sale webpage — just fill in your postal code to get the best possible price for a container nearby.

Why does Eveon Containers not sell new 40ft shipping containers?

At Eveon Containers our priority is changing the game when it comes to sustainability. In fact, we’ve put together our very own vision on sustainability where we map out how we make a difference in the logistics industry.

In a nutshell, we deem to only sell used containers due to the great environmental waste of selling new ones. Production of new containers creates massive energy waste which only increases our carbon footprint on the planet. It is also particularly more expensive to produce new containers as opposed to reselling used ones. Added to this, there are hundreds of thousands of used containers stacked up in dockyards across the United States, and globally, which means that re-using these containers is a good solution to them being physically unused or left as waste.

Keep in mind that all our used 40ft shipping containers meet ISO standards and are guaranteed to be wind and water-tight despite them being used. The quality of our containers is of utmost importance to us at Eveon Containers and we take great pride in ensuring we meet universal quality standards and therefore keeping our customers fully satisfied.


What can I use a 40ft Shipping Container for?

Our 40-foot shipping container is an innovative and eco-friendly option for building, storage or shipping. Please note that an Eveon container is a land based solution. They are decommissioned, which means they are no longer "sea worth" but they are ready to be of service to you.

Learn more about the different possible uses on our webpage titled, Usage of Containers.

Where can I buy a 40ft shipping container?

Here at Eveon Containers, you can buy shipping containers from any of our depots across the United States and parts of Canada. Simply put in your postal code in at the shipping container for sale page and explore all the latest container deals found at a location near you.

Want to chat with a customer sales representative to double-check everything before you buy your 40ft shipping container drop us a line.