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Shipping container restaurants

Attractive design, low prices, fully customizable but most importantly, Eco-friendly: container restaurants are a perfect idea to start your business.


    What are shipping container restaurants?

    Shipping container restaurants are free-standing structures that are used to cook and sell food. They have a fixed location usually near other businesses, beaches, or a park. They are ideal structures for restaurants due to their sturdy, durable construction.

    Owners of these restaurants can choose to seat customers indoors or outside. Some businesses choose to keep them as walk-up only where customers order and pick up their food and need to find a place to sit and eat, like a food truck. Other businesses may want to purchase and connect several shipping containers, creating a larger space where customers can sit inside.

    How are shipping container restaurants different than food trucks?

    Food trucks have been gaining in popularity in recent years due to their low overhead cost and extreme portability. Food trucks have been around for a long time (ice cream trucks) but have really started to rise in popularity around 2008. Many food truck staff started engaging with their customers via social media which helped increase their audience and brand.

    What makes them different is that food trucks are just that, trucks. They can easily change locations, allowing them to reach more clients and increase brand awareness. Restaurants built form shipping containers require a fixed location to operate.

    Both have their benefits, but shipping containers have the added benefit of being able to be connected to other containers for additional space.

    Can shipping container restaurants be moved?

    Yes. Shipping containers are built with steel and very durable. Since they are often sold used, they can be utilized to a long time. The only concerns with moving a restaurant would be to ensure that everything is fastened down to minimize movement during transport.

    While not as mobile as food trucks, container restaurants can be moved if a new location is necessary.

    The universal measurements of shipping containers, ISO Standards, makes it easy to plan for spaces and locations. Since most standard measurements are 20 feet or 40 feet, finding a location for your container can be easier than searching for a traditional brick & mortar storefront.

    Where can I buy a shipping container restaurant?

    There are many companies that sell prefabricated containers already designed as restaurants or can be customized to fit your needs.

    We at Eveon Containers sell shipping containers at the lowest prices available since you are buying directly from the source.

    Purchasing a 20ft or 40ft container for your restaurant at a low cost is a great way to save some money. You can then have your container customized later to match your specs.

    Please note: Eveon does not make these kinds of changes to containers.