Shipping Containers for Sale in Canada

Buying a used shipping container can be done quickly, easily and entirely online. Competitive prices and full transparency make buying a container as easy as picking, paying and preparing for delivery. Eveon Containers stocks a range of containers all across Canada in three universal sizes: 20 ft, 40 ft and 40 ft high cube.

Wind and watertight
20ft Standard
Wooden floor, Wind & watertight, ISO certified
Wind and watertight
40ft Standard
Wooden floor, Wind & watertight, ISO certified
Wind and watertight
40ft High Cube
Wooden floor, Wind & watertight, ISO certified

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Find the Right Shipping Container in Canada

Shipping containers are the most versatile and cost-effective solution for an incredible variety of uses. Whether you need a shipping container for storage, to move or to build your dream project, Eveon can help! Our used containers show normal signs of wear and tear from years at sea. Although you cannot choose the colour, they all come with a beautiful, unique patina and are functional and solid.

  • Container sizes

    Not sure what size is best for you? Check out our size guide for 20ft, 40ft Standard and 40ft High Cube containers

  • Container quality guarantee

    If a container has any deformities, such as holes or damaged seals, that directly compromise the wind and watertight integrity of the container, we will compensate you for the damages.

  • 30-day money-back guarantee

    If, for any reason, our containers do not live up to your expectations, we will offer you a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Buy shipping containers online

How much do shipping containers cost? 

The cost of a container can greatly vary and depends on a range of factors. First, standard 40 ft containers and 40 ft high cube containers are generally more expensive than standard 20 ft containers. Then, used containers are cheap alternatives to new ones and do most jobs, such as storage, just as well. The last factor is supply and demand, which generally means that containers are more expensive at inland locations than port cities. To see container prices near you, enter your postal code and see the price right away.

What is the quality of our shipping containers?

Eveon Containers strives to provide the very best used shipping containers. Specifically, we meet all ISO criteria when it comes to repairing our containers and ensuring they meet a universal quality standard. 

Our reviews speak for themselves. We use Trustpilot to capture comments from our customers across the globe!

Does Eveon Containers sell new shipping containers? 

We don’t sell new containers; we only sell used containers. We’ve consciously chosen to reduce our carbon footprint to contribute to a more sustainable future for all. We do this by repairing used containers and reselling them to customers instead of selling new ones.

Where can I buy shipping containers? 

You can buy shipping containers from any of our depots in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, and Montréal. Simply enter your postal code and see all the latest container deals at a location near you.

What container sizes can I buy?

We sell 20 ft containers, 40 ft containers and 40 ft high cube containers.

How to buy a shipping container?

Buying a shipping container online is fast and easy when you order from Eveon. Choose a container size and order directly online. If we have your container size in stock, you can schedule a pickup or delivery time that works best for you.

Buy shipping containers online

At Eveon, you can choose from three different sizes of shipping containers. Our containers have travelled the world and show signs of wear and tear. We guarantee that each container is wind and watertight and will be a great storage solution for many years to come! There are no holes in the structure, and the wooden floor is in good condition. Our containers come in a range of colours and sizes, and many still have the original shipping company logos on them, which can be easily removed according to your needs. For most land-based purposes, like storage solutions, used shipping containers are the best option.